Man pages for tstools
A Time Series Toolbox for Official Statistics

CHGDPCH GDP Growth Contributions
color_blindProvide Colorblind Compliant Colors
compute_decimal_timeCompute Decimal Time from a ts Period Vector
concat_tsConcatenate to Non-Overlapping Time Series
create_dummy_tsFlexible Function to Create Time Series Dummy Variables
df_to_reg_tsTurn data.frame to Regular Monthly or Quarterly Time Series
fill_year_with_nasFill Up a Time Series with NAs
generate_random_tsGenerate a list of random time series
getCiLegendColorsHelper to calculate ci colors for legends
get_date_vectorCompute the Period Vector representation of a Decimal Time...
init_tsplot_themeInitiate Default Theme
KOFKOF Barometer - Swiss Business Cycle Indicator
long_to_tsTransform a long format data.frame of time series to a tslist
m_to_qTurn monthly series with regular NAs to quarter
overlap_sorted_ts_listsConcat Time Series list wise
overlap_ts_lists_by_nameResolve Overlap Listwise, helpful with SA
read_swissdataRead data generated by the Swissdata project
read_tsImport time series data from a file.
regularizeTurn an Irregular Time Series to a Regular, ts-Based Series
resolve_ts_overlapConcatenate Time Series and Resolve Overlap Automatically
set_month_to_NASet Periods to NA
start_ts_after_internal_nasStart a Time Series after the Last Internal NA
strip_nasStrip Leading / Trailing NAs from a Time Series Object
tsplotPlot Time Series
tsqmInterpolate quarterly time series into monthly
tstools-deprecatedDeprecated function(s) in tstools
wide_to_tsTransform a wide format data.frame into a tslist
write_tsExport a list of time series to a file.
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