Man pages for tuber
Client for the YouTube API

delete_captionsDelete a Particular Caption Track
delete_channel_sectionsDelete Channel Sections
delete_commentsDelete a Particular Comment
delete_playlist_itemsDelete a Playlist Item
delete_playlistsDelete a Playlist
delete_videosDelete a Video
get_all_channel_video_statsGet statistics on all the videos in a Channel
get_all_commentsGet all the comments for a video including replies
get_captionsGet Particular Caption Track
get_channel_statsGet statistics of a Channel
get_commentsGet Comments
get_comment_threadsGet Comments Threads
get_playlist_itemsGet Playlist Items
get_playlistsGet Playlists
get_related_videosGet Related Videos
get_statsGet statistics of a Video
get_subscriptionsGet Subscriptions
get_video_detailsGet Details of a Video or Videos
list_abuse_report_reasonsList reasons that can be used to report abusive videos
list_captionsUpload Video to Youtube
list_caption_tracksList Captions of a Video
list_channel_activitiesList Channel Activity
list_channel_resourcesReturns List of Requested Channel Resources
list_channel_sectionsList Channel Sections
list_channel_videosReturns List of Requested Channel Videos
list_guidecatsGet list of categories that can be associated with YouTube...
list_langsList Languages That YouTube Currently Supports
list_my_videosList My videos
list_regionsList Content Regions That YouTube Currently Supports
list_videocatsList of Categories That Can be Associated with Videos
list_videosList (Most Popular) Videos
read_sbvRead SBV file
tuber'tuber' provides access to the YouTube API V3.
tuber_checkRequest Response Verification
upload_captionUpload Video Caption to Youtube
upload_videoUpload Video to Youtube
yt_oauthSet up Authorization
yt_searchSearch YouTube
yt_tokenCheck if authentication token is in options
yt_topic_searchSearch YouTube by Topic It uses the Freebase list of topics
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