Man pages for tumblR
Access to Tumblr V2 API

avatarRetrieve a Blog Avatar.
dashboardRetrieve a User's Dashboard.
followFollow a blog.
followersRetrieve a Blog's Followers
info.blogRetrieve Blog's Info.
like.postLike a Post.
likesRetrieve Blog's Likes
postCreate a New Blog Post
post.deleteDelete a Post.
post.editEdit a Blog Post.
post.reblogReblog a Post.
postsRetrieve Published Posts.
posts.draftRetrieve Draft Posts.
posts.queueRetrieve Queued Posts.
posts.submissionRetrieve Submission Posts.
taggedGet Posts with Tag.
unfollowUnfollow a blog.
unlike.postUnlike a Post.
user.followingRetrieve the blogs a user is following.
user.infoGet a User's Information.
user.likesRetrieve a User's Likes.
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