Man pages for tuneR
Analysis of Music and Speech

audspecFrequency band conversion
bindConcatenating Wave objects
channelChannel conversion for Wave objects
deltasCalculate delta features
dolpc(Perceptive) Linear Prediction
downsampleDownsampling a Wave or WaveMC object
equalWaveChecking Wave objects
ExtractorExtract or Replace Parts of an Object
extractWaveExtractor for Wave and WaveMC objects
FFEstimation of Fundamental Frequencies from a Wspec object
fftfreqconvmxInternal: Convert FFT frequency bins to Bark/Mel bins
freqconvFrequency scale conversion
getMidiNotesExtract note events from objects returned by readMidi
lengthS4 generic for length
lifterLiftering of cepstra
lilyinputProviding LilyPond compatible input
lpc2cepLPC to cepstra conversion
MCnamesDefault channel ordering for multi channel wave files
melfccMFCC Calculation
melodyplotPlotting a melody
MonoStereoConverting (extracting, joining) stereo to mono and vice...
nchannelNumber of channels
normalizeRescale the range of values
noSilenceCut off silence from a Wave or WaveMC object
noteFromFFDeriving notes from frequencies
notenamesGenerating note names from numbers
panoramaNarrow the Panorama of a Stereo Sample
periodogramPeriodogram (Spectral Density) Estimation on Wave objects
playPlaying Waves
plot-WavePlotting Wave objects
plot-WspecPlotting Wspec objects
plot-WspecMatPlotting WspecMat objects
postaudEqual loudness compression
prepCombPreparing the combination/concatenation of Wave or WaveMC...
quantizeFunctions for the quantization of notes
quantplotPlotting the quantization of a melody
readMidiRead a MIDI file
readMP3Read an MPEG-2 layer 3 file into a Wave object
readWaveReading Wave files
showShowing objects
smootherMeta Function for Smoothers
spec2cepSpectra to Cepstra Conversion
summaryObject Summaries
updateWaveUpdate old Wave objects for use with new versions of tuneR
WaveConstructors and coercion for class Wave objects
WaveArithArithmetics on Waves
Wave-classClass Wave
WaveformsCreate Wave Objects of Special Waveforms
Waveforms-internalInternal support functions for Waveforms
WaveMCConstructors and coercion for class WaveMC objects
WaveMC-classClass WaveMC
WavPlayerGetting and setting the default player for Wave files
writeWaveWriting Wave files
WspecClass Wspec
WspecMatClass WspecMat
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