Man pages for tweet2r
Twitter Collector for R and Export to 'SQLite', 'postGIS' and 'GIS' Format

t2DataFrameParse tweets from JSON files and import to R
t2gisExport Tweeter with geotag in Sqlite table to KML, shapefiles...
t2pgisSet up parameters to JSON parsing and export it to a postGIS...
t2SpatialPointDataFrameExtract geotagged tweets stored as a data.frame
t2sqliteExport TweeterJSON files to sqlite database and import to R...
t2STIDFCreate objects of class STIDF
t2summarySummary from retrieved tweets
tglmGeneralized Linear Model for tweets
theatmapPlot a heat map from geotweets or SpatialPointsDataFrame
tspanExploratory point pattern analysis.
tsubsetSubset points from geotweets or SaptialPointsDataFrame
tweet2rSet up parameters to file streaming and store tweets in a...
tweet2r-packageAccess to Twitter Streaming API via R and perform a...
valjsonJson validation function
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