twostageTE: Two-Stage Threshold Estimation

Implements a variety of non-parametric methods for computing one-stage and two-stage confidence intervals, as well as point estimates of threshold values.

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AuthorShawn Mankad, George Michailidis, Moulinath Banerjee
Date of publication2015-09-27 18:09:43
MaintainerShawn Mankad <>

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chernoff_realizations Man page
estimateDeriv Man page
estimateSigmaSq Man page
likelihoodConfidenceInterval Man page
linearBootstrapConfidenceInterval_stageTwo Man page
pava Man page
plot Man page
plot.twostageTE Man page
print Man page
print.twostageTE Man page
RVforLR_realizations Man page
stageOneAnalysis Man page
stageTwoAnalysis Man page
summary Man page
summary.twostageTE Man page
threshold_estimate_ir Man page
threshold_estimate_locLinear Man page
twostageTE Man page
twostageTE-package Man page
waldConfidenceInterval_ir_stageOne Man page
waldConfidenceInterval_ir_stageTwo Man page

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