summary.twoxtwo: Summarize twoxtwo object

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The summary.twoxtwo() function provides an S3 method for summarizing objects created with twoxtwo. The summary function prints the twoxtwo via print.twoxtwo along with characteristics of the contingency table such the number of missing observations and exposure/outcome variables and levels. The summary will also compute effect measures using odds_ratio, risk_ratio, and risk_diff and print the estimates and confidence interval for each.


## S3 method for class 'twoxtwo'
summary(object, alpha = 0.05, ...)



twoxtwo object


Significance level to be used for constructing confidence interval; default is 0.05


Additional arguments passed to print.twoxtwo


Printed summary information including the outcome and exposure variables and levels, as well as the number of missing observations, the twoxtwo contingency table, and formatted effect measures (see "Description"). In addition to printed output, the function invisibly returns a named list with computed effect measures (i.e. the tibble outputs from odds_ratio, risk_ratio, and risk_diff respectively).

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