transpose_wide: Transpose a Wide Dataset to a Row-Based Format

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Transpose a Wide Dataset to a Row-Based Format


This function is called by wide2excel with option transpose = TRUE to generate a row-based tabular data format from a wide data frame in R that is suitable for exporting to Excel.


transpose_wide(data, date.format = "%d/%m/%Y")



a wide format data frame where each column is a variable and the first variable uniquely identifies the data.


a format for date columns which is passed to format.Date. When transposing wide, dates are converted to character. The default R YYYY-MM-DD format for dates is often not recognized by Excel. By default dates are transformed to DD/MM/YYYY format which Excel (UK English) recognizes. Putting FALSE here does not transform dates into another format.


A transposed data frame or data.table (the class of the input is preserved).

See Also

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