Man pages for uklr
Client to United Kingdom Land Registry

ons_countriesOffice of National Statistic Location Classification
ons_lookupOffice of National Statistic Location Classification
ons_pcUK Postcodes
pcUK Postcodes and NUTS3 Codes
retrieve_queryGet the sparql query performed with 'sparql'.
sparqlTools to create a custom SPARQL query
ukhp_avail_itemsDisplay Land Registry available categories
ukhp_getGet House Price Data
uklr_browseQuickly browse to Land Registry's webpage
uklr_defLinked Data Definitions
uklr-deprecatedDeprecated functions in package 'uklr'.
ukppd_avail_itemsDisplay Price Paid Date available categories
ukppd_getGet Price Paid Data
uktrans_avail_itemsDisplay Land Registry Transaction available categories
uktrans_getGet Transaction Data
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