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Download Data on UK Police and Crime

ukc_crime_categoryCrime categories
ukc_crime_locationCrimes at a specific location
ukc_crime_no_locationCrimes without location
ukc_forcesEngland and Wales Police Forces
ukc_last_updateLatest crime update
ukc_neighbourhood_boundarySpecific Neighbourhood Boundary
ukc_neighbourhood_locationNeighbourhood Location
ukc_neighbourhood_specificSpecific Neighbourhood Events
ukc_specific_outcomeOutcomes for a specific crime
ukc_stop_search_forceStop and Searches by Police Force
ukc_stop_search_locationStop and search
ukc_stop_search_no_locationStop and Searches without location
ukc_street_crimeStreet level crime
ukc_street_crime_outcomeStreet level crime outcomes
ukpoliceukpolice: Download Data on UK Police and Crime
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