Man pages for units
Measurement Units for R Vectors

as_difftimeconvert units object into difftime object
as_unitsconvert object to a units object
deparse_unitdeparse unit to string in product power form (e.g. km m-2...
deprecatedDeprecated functions
drop_unitsdrop units
hist.unitshistogram for unit objects
install_conversion_constantInstall a function for conversion between user-defined units.
install_conversion_functionInstall a function for conversion between user-defined units.
install_symbolic_unitDefine new symbolic units
Math.unitsMathematical operations for units objects
matmultmatrix multiplication
Ops.unitsS3 Ops Group Generic Functions for units objects
plot.unitscreate axis label with appropriate labels
seq.unitsseq method for units objects
tibbletype_sum function for units
ud_unitsList containing pre-defined units from the udunits2 package.
unitlessThe "unit" type for vectors that are actually dimension-less.
unitsSet measurement units on a numeric vector
units_optionsset one or more units global options
valid_udunitsGet information about valid units
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