Man pages for universals
S3 Generics for Bayesian Analyses

bind_chainsBind by Chains.
bind_iterationsBind Iterations
collapse_chainsCollapse Chains
converged_parsConverged Parameters
converged_termsConverged Terms
esrEffective Sampling Rate
esr_parsEffective Sampling Rate for Parameters
esr_termsEffective Sampling Rate for Terms
nchainsNumber of Chains
ndimsNumber of Dimensions
nitersNumber of Iterations
nparsNumber of Parameters
npdimsNumber of Parameter Dimensions
nsamsNumber of Samples
nsimsNumber of Simulations
ntermsNumber of Terms
paramsParameter Descriptions
parsParameter Names
pdimsParameter Dimensions
rhat_parsR-hat Parameters
rhat_termsR-hat Terms
set_parsSet Parameters
split_chainsSplit Chains
universals-packageuniversals: S3 Generics for Bayesian Analyses
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