#' The dataset `upmdata.Rdata` contains example data from a theoretical tuberculosis household
#' contact study of 800 households contacts of an infectious pulmonary TB case from 108 households.
#' The first four variables are numeric. The final predictor varialbe is binary.
#' Next is the data defining household: cluster, and finally the measured outcome
#' of a Tuberculin Skin Test (TST/PPD) for each contact, y. In these data, the true proportion
#' of contacts contracting TB from outside the home is 15.5 percent. The true coeffient values are, in order
#' b0 = -1.5, b1 =  0.15, b2 = -2.25, b3 = 0 (no effect), b4 =  0.2, b5 = -0.1.
#' See the introductory vignette for this package for more information.

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