Man pages for upsetjs
'HTMLWidget' Wrapper of 'UpSet.js' for Exploring Large Set Intersections

addCategoricalAttributeadds a new query to the plot
addNumericAttributeadds a new numeric attribute to the plot
addQueryadds a new query to the plot
asCombinationcreates a new UpSet set combination structure
asSetcreates a new UpSet set structure
chartFontSizesspecify chart font sizes
chartKarnaughMapLabelsspecify chart labels
chartKarnaughMapLayoutspecify the chart karnaugh map layout
chartLabelsspecify chart labels
chartLayoutspecify the chart layout
chartPropsgeneric set chart props
chartStyleFlagsspecify chart flags
chartThemespecify theming options
chartVennLabelsspecify chart labels
chartVennLayoutspecify the chart venn layout
clearAttributesclears the list of attributes for incremental updates
clearQueriesclears the list of queries for incremental updates
extractSetsFromDataFrameextract the sets from a data frame (rows = elems, columns =...
fromDataFrameextract the sets from a data frame (rows = elems, columns =...
fromExpressiongenerates the sets from a lists object that contained the...
fromListgenerates the sets from a lists object
generateDistinctIntersectionsconfigure the generation of the distinct intersections
generateIntersectionsconfigure the generation of the intersections
generateUnionsconfigure the generation of the unions
getCombinationsextract the vector of combinations
getElementsextract the vector of elements
getSetsextract the vector of sets
gotGames of Thrones Character dataset for UpSet.js
interactiveChartmake it an interactive chart
queryLegendrenders a legend for the queries
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
renderUpsetjsShiny render bindings for upsetjs
setAttributesset the attributes
setCombinationsset the vector of combinations
setElementsset the vector of elements
setQueriesset the queries
setSelectionsets the selection of the chart
setSetsset the vector of sets
upsetjsDashcreate a new upsetjs dash adapter
upsetjsEulerDiagramupsetjs - factory for UpSet.js Euler Diagram HTMLWidget
upsetjsEulerDiagramProxyreactive helper to update an upsetjs euler diagram in place
upsetjsKarnaughMapupsetjs - factory for UpSet.js Karnaugh Map HTMLWidget
upsetjsKarnaughMapProxyreactive helper to update an upsetjs karnaugh map diagram in...
upsetjsOutputOutput and render functions for using UpSet.js within Shiny...
upsetjsProxyreactive helper to update an upsetjs inplace
upsetjsSizingPolicyupsetjs sizing policy
upsetjsVennDiagramupsetjs - factory for UpSet.js Venn Diagram HTMLWidget
upsetjsVennDiagramProxyreactive helper to update an upsetjs venn diagram in place
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