Man pages for upstartr
Utilities Powering the Globe and Mail's Data Journalism Template

begin_processingRuns the pre-processing step on a startr project.
calc_indexIndex values
calc_modeCalculate mode
clean_columnsCleans up column names by forcing them into tidyverse style
combine_csvsCombine CSVs in a directory
combine_excelsCombine Excel files in a directory
convert_str_to_logicalConverts a character vector to logicals
dir_data_cacheGet path within cached data directory.
dir_data_outGet path within disposable data outputs directory.
dir_data_processedGet path within processed data directory.
dir_data_rawGet path within raw data directory.
dir_pathConstruct an arbitrary path.
dir_plotsGet path within plots directory.
dir_reportsGet path within reports directory.
dir_scrapeGet path within scrape directory.
dir_srcGet path within src directory
end_processingRuns the post-processing step on a startr project.
grapes-not_in-grapesOpposite of %in%
initialize_startrInitialize startr project
not.naOpposite of
not.nullOpposite of is.null
read_all_excel_sheetsCombine all sheets in an Excel file
remove_non_utf8Removes non-UTF-8 characters
render_notebookRenders out an RMarkdown notebook.
reorder_withinReorder an x or y axis within facets
run_analyzeRuns the analysis step for a startr project.
run_configConfigures an existing startr project
run_notebookRuns the notebook rendering step for a startr project.
run_processRuns the processing step on a startr project.
run_visualizeRuns the visualization step for a startr project.
scale_x_percentCreate a continuous x-axis scale using percentages
scale_x_reorderedPassed after reorder_within to reorder x-axis along facets
scale_y_percentCreate a continuous y-axis scale using percentages
scale_y_reorderedPassed after reorder_within to reorder x-axis along facets
simplify_stringSimplifies strings for analysis
unaccentDe-accents strings
write_excelWrite out an Excel file with minimal configuration
write_plotWrite out a ggplot2 graphic with minimal configuration
write_shpWrite a shapefile to disk
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