urlshorteneR: R Wrapper for the 'Bit.ly', 'Goo.gl' and 'Is.gd' URL Shortening Services

Allows using different URL shortening services, which also provide expanding and analytic functions. Specifically developed for 'Bit.ly', 'Goo.gl' (both OAuth2) and 'is.gd' (no API key). Others can be added by request.

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AuthorJohn Malc [aut, cre] (@dmpe)
Date of publication2016-12-05 18:28:48
MaintainerJohn Malc <cincenko@outlook.com>
LicenseApache License 2.0

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Man pages

bitly_IsProDomain: Validate given domain for the PRO features

bitly_LinksExpand: Given a bitly URL or hash (or multiple), returns the target...

bitly_LinksInfo: Used to return the page title for a given Bitlink.

bitly_LinksLookup: Query for a Bitlink based on a long URL.

bitly_LinksMetricsClicks: Returns numbers of click on a link.

bitly_LinksMetricsCountries: Returns metrics about the countries from a link.

bitly_LinksMetricsEncoders: Returns users who have encoded this long URL.

bitly_LinksMetricsEncodersByCount: Returns users who have encoded this link.

bitly_LinksMetricsEncodersCount: Returns the number of users who have shortened a link.

bitly_LinksMetricsReferrers: Returns metrics about the pages referring click traffic to a...

bitly_LinksMetricsReferrersByDomain: Returns metrics about the pages referring click traffic to a...

bitly_LinksMetricsReferringDomains: Returns metrics about the domains referring click traffic to...

bitly_LinksShorten: Given a long URL, returns a short Bit.ly link.

bitly_UserInfo: Return or update information about a user.

bitly_UserLinkHistory: Returns entries from a user's link history in reverse...

bitly_UserMetricsClicks: Returns the aggregate number of clicks on all of the...

bitly_UserMetricsCountries: Returns aggregate metrics about the countries referring click...

bitly_UserMetricsPopularLinks: Returns the authenticated user's most-clicked Bitlinks...

bitly_UserMetricsReferrers: Returns aggregate metrics about the pages referring click...

bitly_UserMetricsReferringDomains: Returns aggregate metrics about the domains referring click...

bitly_UserMetricsShortenCounts: Returns the number of Bitlinks created in a given time period...

bitly_UserTrackingDomains: Returns a list of tracking domains a user has configured.

googl_auth: Assign API tokens using OAuth2.0

googl_LinksExpand: Expand a short URL to a longer one

googl_LinksShorten: Given a long URL, returns a short Goo.gl link.

googl_UserLinkHistory: Retrieves a list of URLs shortened by the authenticated user.

isgd_LinksExpand: Expand a short URL to a longer one

isgd_LinksShorten: Given a long URL, returns a short is.gd link.


bitly_auth Man page
bitly_IsProDomain Man page
bitly_LinksExpand Man page
bitly_LinksInfo Man page
bitly_LinksLookup Man page
bitly_LinksMetricsClicks Man page
bitly_LinksMetricsCountries Man page
bitly_LinksMetricsEncoders Man page
bitly_LinksMetricsEncodersByCount Man page
bitly_LinksMetricsEncodersCount Man page
bitly_LinksMetricsReferrers Man page
bitly_LinksMetricsReferrersByDomain Man page
bitly_LinksMetricsReferringDomains Man page
bitly_LinksShorten Man page
bitly_UserInfo Man page
bitly_UserLinkHistory Man page
bitly_UserMetricsClicks Man page
bitly_UserMetricsCountries Man page
bitly_UserMetricsPopularLinks Man page
bitly_UserMetricsReferrers Man page
bitly_UserMetricsReferringDomains Man page
bitly_UserMetricsShortenCounts Man page
bitly_UserTrackingDomains Man page
googl_auth Man page
googl_LinksExpand Man page
googl_LinksShorten Man page
googl_UserLinkHistory Man page
isgd_LinksExpand Man page
isgd_LinksShorten Man page

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