useful: A Collection of Handy, Useful Functions

A set of little functions that have been found useful to do little odds and ends such as plotting the results of K-means clustering, substituting special text characters, viewing parts of a data.frame, constructing formulas from text and building design and response matrices.

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AuthorJared P. Lander
Date of publication2016-06-29 10:37:49
MaintainerJared P. Lander <>
LicenseBSD_3_clause + file LICENSE

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Man pages

binary.flip: binary.flip

bottomleft: Grabs the bottom left corner of a data set

bottomright: Grabs the bottom right corner of a data set

build.formula: Formula Builder

build.x: build.x

build.y: build.y

cart2pol: cart2pol

classdf: classdf

colsToFront: colsToFront

compare.list: List Comparison

ComputeHartigan: Compute Hartigan's Number

constant: constant

corner: corner

FitKMeans: Fit a series of kmeans clusterings and compute Hartigan's...

ForceDataFrame: ForceDataFrame

fortify.acf: fortify.acf

fortify.kmeans: fortify.kmeans

fortify.ts: fortify.ts

indexToPosition: indexToPosition

interval.check: interval.check

left: Grabs the left side of a data set

MapToInterval: Map numbers to interval

moveToFront: moveToFront

multiple: multiple

multiple.comma: multiple.comma

multiple.dollar: multiple.dollar

multiple_format: multiple_format

multiple.identity: multiple.identity

plot: plot

plot.acf: plot.acf

PlotHartigan: Plot a series of Hartigan's Numbers

plot.kmeans: plot.kmeans

plotTimesSeries: plotTimesSeries

pol2cart: pol2cart

positionToIndex: positionToIndex

reclass: reclass

right: Grabs the right side of a data set

shift.column: shift.column

simple.impute: simple.impute

simple.impute.default: simple.impute.default

simple.impute.tbl_df: simple.impute.tbl_df

subMultiple: subVector

subOut: Sub special characters out of a character vector.

subSpecials: Sub special characters out of character vectors.

topleft: Grabs the top left corner of a data set

topright: Grabs the top right corner of a data set

ts.plotter: ts.plotter

uniqueBidirection: uniqueBidirection

useful: Helper functions

vplayout: vplayout

WhichCorner: WhichCorner


binary.flip Man page
bottomleft Man page
bottomright Man page
build.formula Man page
build.x Man page
build.y Man page
cart2pol Man page
classdf Man page
colsToBack Man page
colsToFront Man page
compare.list Man page
ComputeHartigan Man page
constant Man page
corner Man page Man page
corner.default Man page
corner.matrix Man page
corner.table Man page Man page
FitKMeans Man page
ForceDataFrame Man page
fortify.acf Man page
fortify.kmeans Man page
fortify.ts Man page
indexToPosition Man page
interval.check Man page
left Man page Man page
mapping Man page
MapToInterval Man page Man page
moveToBack Man page
moveToFront Man page
multiple Man page
multiple.comma Man page
multiple.dollar Man page
multiple_format Man page
multiple.identity Man page Man page
plot Man page
plot.acf Man page
PlotHartigan Man page
plot.kmeans Man page
plot.times.series Man page
plotTimesSeries Man page
pol2cart Man page
positionToIndex Man page
reclass Man page
reclass<- Man page
right Man page
shift.column Man page
simple.impute Man page Man page
simple.impute.default Man page
simple.impute.tbl_df Man page
subMultiple Man page
subOut Man page
subSpecials Man page
subVector Man page
topleft Man page
topright Man page
ts.plotter Man page
uniqueBidirection Man page Man page
useful Man page
useful-package Man page
vplayout Man page
WhichCorner Man page


tests/testthat/test-unique.R tests/testthat/test-indices.R tests/testthat/test-sub-specials.r tests/testthat/test-subMultiple.R tests/testthat/test-corner.r tests/testthat/test-coordinates.R tests/testthat/test-reclass.r tests/testthat/test-move-cols.r tests/testthat/test-classdf.r tests/testthat/test-simple-impute.r tests/testthat/test-case-checker.r
R/unique.r R/corner.r R/formatters.r R/impute.r R/comparisons.r R/useful-package.r R/reclass.r R/coordinates.r R/subspecials.r R/indices.r R/ColumnReorder.r R/kmeansPlotting.r R/knitting.r R/MapToInterval.r R/tsPlot.r R/checkCase.r R/hartigan.r R/binary.flip.r R/buildMatrix.r R/subMultiple.r R/classCheck.r R/regex.r R/intervals.r R/buildFormula.r R/shiftColumn.r
man/ man/positionToIndex.Rd man/multiple_format.Rd man/colsToFront.Rd man/compare.list.Rd man/fortify.ts.Rd man/simple.impute.tbl_df.Rd man/subOut.Rd man/constant.Rd man/bottomright.Rd man/plot.acf.Rd man/WhichCorner.Rd man/build.x.Rd man/classdf.Rd man/multiple.dollar.Rd man/indexToPosition.Rd man/multiple.comma.Rd man/ man/reclass.Rd man/topleft.Rd man/corner.Rd man/build.y.Rd man/plotTimesSeries.Rd man/multiple.identity.Rd man/moveToFront.Rd man/uniqueBidirection.Rd man/pol2cart.Rd man/vplayout.Rd man/subMultiple.Rd man/binary.flip.Rd man/ man/topright.Rd man/cart2pol.Rd man/MapToInterval.Rd man/interval.check.Rd man/ts.plotter.Rd man/fortify.acf.Rd man/useful.Rd man/ man/simple.impute.Rd man/PlotHartigan.Rd man/left.Rd man/ForceDataFrame.Rd man/right.Rd man/plot.kmeans.Rd man/ man/subSpecials.Rd man/FitKMeans.Rd man/bottomleft.Rd man/multiple.Rd man/plot.Rd man/simple.impute.default.Rd man/shift.column.Rd man/build.formula.Rd man/fortify.kmeans.Rd man/ man/ComputeHartigan.Rd

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