Man pages for ustfd
API Client for US Treasury Fiscal Data

endpoint_existsTests if an endpoint is known
filter-syntaxRequest filtered API results
ustfd_all_pagesRetrieve multiple pages of Fiscal Data API in a single call
ustfd_datasetsReturn a table of supported and known datasets
ustfd_json_responseProcess JSON Response of a Successful API Query
ustfd_queryForm a Query
ustfd_requestRetrieve Data From the U.S. Bureau Of the Fiscal Service API
ustfd_response_meta_objectExtract Metadata From Parsed API Response
ustfd_response_payloadExtract Payload as Table From Parsed API Response
ustfd_simpleRetrieve Fiscal Data API in a single call
ustfd_table_columnsReturn a table of known fields for known endpoints
ustfd_tablesReturn a table of supported and known tables including the...
ustfd_urlGenerate URL To Access US Treasury Fiscal Data API
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