Man pages for uwIntroStats
Descriptive Statistics, Inference, Regression, and Plotting in an Introductory Statistics Course

bplotBoxplot with Lowess Curves, Jittered Data, Overlaid Mean and...
clusterStatsSummary Measures within Clusters
descripDescriptive Statistics
dummyCreate Dummy Variables
lincomTests of Linear Combinations of Regression Coefficients
lsplineCreate Linear Splines
mriMRI data
oneSampleOne Sample Inferential Methods
polynomialCreate Polynomials
predict.uRegressPrediction Intervals for 'uRegress' objects
regressGeneral Regression for an Arbitrary Functional
scatterScatter Plot with Lowess Curves
tableStatTable of Stratified Descriptive Statistics
tabulateTable Variables, with Stratification and Statistical Tests
ttestT-test with Improved Layout
ttestiT-test Given Descriptive Statistics with Improved Layout
UCreate a Transformed Variable
uResidualsExtract Residuals from uRegress objects
uwIntroStats-packageDescriptive Statistics, One Sample Inference, Regression, and...
wilcoxonWilcoxon Signed Rank and Mann-Whitney-Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test
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