Man pages for validatedb
Validate Data in a Database using 'validate'

aggregate.tbl_validationCount the number of invalid rules or records. validation results as a data.frame
compute.tbl_validationStore the validation result in the db
confront_tblcreate a table with per record if it abides to the rule.
confront_tbl_sparseCreate a sparse confrontation query
confront.tbl_sqlValidate data in database 'tbl' with 'validator' rules.
is_record_baseddetermine the dimensional structure of 'values' so that it...
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rule_works_on_tbltests for each rule if it can be executed on the database
show_query.tbl_validationShow generated sql code
tbl_validation-classValidation object for 'tbl' object
validatedb-packagevalidatedb: Validate Data in a Database using 'validate'
values-tbl_validation-methodRetrieve the result of a validation/confrontation
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