valorate: Velocity and Accuracy of the LOg-RAnk TEst

The algorithm implemented in this package was designed to quickly estimates the distribution of the log-rank especially for heavy unbalanced groups. VALORATE estimates the null distribution and the p-value of the log-rank test based on a recent formulation. For a given number of alterations that define the size of survival groups, the estimation involves a weighted sum of distributions that are conditional on a co-occurrence term where mutations and events are both present. The estimation of conditional distributions is quite fast allowing the analysis of large datasets in few minutes <>.

AuthorVictor Trevino [aut, cre]
Date of publication2016-10-09 23:23:03
MaintainerVictor Trevino <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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new.valorate Man page
plot.kaplan.valorate Man page
prepare.n1 Man page
valorate Man page Man page
valorate.comb Man page
valorate.estimate.beta.parameters Man page
valorate.estimate.weibull.parameters Man page
valorate.hyper.density Man page
valorate.mav Man page
valorate.perm Man page
valorate.plot.diff.empirical Man page
valorate.plot.empirical Man page
valorate.plot.kaplan Man page
valorate.plot.sampling.densities Man page
valorate.plot.sampling.densities.figure Man page
valorate.plot.subpop. Man page
valorate.plot.subpop.empirical Man page
valorate.plot.subpop.empirical.scaled Man page Man page
valorate.p.overlap Man page
valorate.psurvdiff Man page
valorate.p.value Man page
valorate.p.value.all Man page
valorate.p.value.beta Man page
valorate.p.value.chisq Man page
valorate.p.value.gaussian Man page
valorate.p.value.normal Man page
valorate.p.value.sampling Man page
valorate.p.value.weibull Man page
valorate.risk Man page
valorate.survdiff Man page

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