GSS2014: General Social Survey, 2014

GSS2014R Documentation

General Social Survey, 2014


This subset of data comes from one iteration of the General Social Survey, administered in 2014. These data were collected by the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at the University of Chicago. The observations represent individuals' responses to survey questions. Information about the data set can be found in the GSS Codebook at:




A data frame with 2538 observations and 676 variables.

id respondent id number
age age of respondent
sex respondents sex
race race of respondent
educ highest year of school completed
dipged diploma, ged, or other
paeduc highest year school completed, father
maeduc highest year school completed, mother
speduc highest year school completed, spouse
sei10 r's socioeconomic index (2010)
conrinc respondent income in constant dollars
coninc family income in constant dollars
degree rs highest degree
padeg fathers highest degree
madeg mothers highest degree
spdeg spouses highest degree
citizen are you a citizen of america?
born was r born in this country
year gss year for this respondent
cohort year of birth
spsei10 r's spouse's socioeconomic index (2010)
pasei10 r's father's socioeconomic index (2010)
masei10 r's mother's socioeconomic index (2010)
childs number of children
immcrime immigrants increase crime rates
abany abortion if woman wants for any reason
abdefect strong chance of serious defect
abhlth womans health seriously endangered
abnomore married--wants no more children
abpoor low income--cant afford more children
abrape pregnant as result of rape
absingle not married
accptoth r accept others even when they do things wrong
acqntsex r had sex with acquaintance last year
actassoc how important to be active on soc or pol association
actlaw how likely r to do something if unjust law being cons
adults household members 18 yrs and older
advfront sci rsch is necessary and should be supported by federal govt
affctlaw how lliely congress give serious attention to rs dema
affrmact favor preference in hiring blacks
aged should aged live with their children
aidscndm condom can reduce aids
aidslook a health-look person may have aids
amancstr how important to have american ancestry
ambetter agree america is a better country
ambornin how important to have been born in america
amchrstn how important to be a christian
amcit how important to have american citizenship
amcitizn agree i would rather be a citizen of america
amcult it is impossible to become fully american
amenglsh how important to be able to speak english
amfeel how important to feel american
amgovt how important to respect america's laws etc
amlived how important to have lived in america for life
amownway america should follow its own interests
amproud1 how proud being american
amshamed agree there are things make me ashamed
amsports agree sports makes me proud to be an american
amtv tv should give preference to american films
arthrtis told have arthritis or rheumatism
astrolgy ever read a horscope or persoanl astrology report
astrosci astrology is scientific
attend how often r attends religious services
attrally attended a political meeting or rally
avoidbuy boycotted products for pol reasons
babies household members less than 6 yrs old
backpain r had back pain in the past 12 months
balneg sci research is strongly in favor of harmful results
balpos sci research is strongly in favor of benefits
befair how often do you think people take advantage
belikeus agree better if people were more like americans
bettrlfe science makes our lives better
betrlang which language r speaks more fluent
bible feelings about the bible
bigbang sci knowledge:the universe began with a huge explosion
boyorgrl sci knowledge:father gene decides sex of baby
buypol how important to choose products for pol reasons
buyvalue percent of company stock r bought from own money
cantrust poeple can be trusted or cant be too careful
cappun favor or oppose death penalty for murder
careself those in need have to take care of themselves
carried r carried a stranger's belongings
chldidel ideal number of children
chngeoth how often r try to persuade other to share views
chngtme how often r allowed change schedule
choices political parties dont give real policy choices
citworld i am a citizen of the world
class subjective class identification
closeblk how close feel to blacks
closewht how close feel to whites
clsenoam how close do you feel to north america
clsestat how close do you feel to your state
clsetown how close do you feel to your town or city
clseusa how close do you feel to america
cntctgov contacted politician or civil servant to express view
colath allow anti-religionist to teach
colcom should communist teacher be fired
coldeg1 the highest degree r have earned
colhomo allow homosexual to teach
colmil allow militarist to teach
colmslm allow anti-american muslim clergymen teaching in college
colrac allow racist to teach
colsci r has taken any college-level sci course
colscinm number of college-level sci courses r have taken
compperf size of perf based pay depend on profits
comprend rs understanding of questions
compuse r use computer
conarmy confidence in military
conbus confidence in major companies
conclerg confidence in organized religion
condemnd r free from conflicting demands
condom used condom last time
condrift sci knowledge:the continents have been moving
coneduc confidence in education
confed confid. in exec branch of fed govt
confinan confid in banks & financial institutions
conjudge confid. in united states supreme court
conlabor confidence in organized labor
conlegis confidence in congress
conmedic confidence in medicine
conpress confidence in press
consci confidence in scientific community
contv confidence in television
corruptn how widespread corruption is in pub service in americ
courts courts dealing with criminals
cowrkhlp coworkers can be relied on when r needs help
cowrkint coworkers take a personal interest in r
crack30 r last use crack cocaine
crimlose people convicted of serious crimes lose citizen rights
cutahead r allowed a stranger to go ahead of you in line
decsorgs america should follow decision of intl org
defpensn r has defined benefit pension plan
dem10fut how well will democracy work in america in ten yrs
dem10pst how well did democracy work in america ten yrs ago
demtoday how well democracy work in america
denom specific denomination
denom16 denomination in which r was raised
depress told have depression
diabetes told have diabetes
directns r has given directions to a stranger
discaff whites hurt by aff. action
discaffm a man won't get a job or promotion
discaffw a woman won't get a job or promotion
discpol how often r discuss politics
divlaw divorce laws
divorce ever been divorced or separated
dwelown does r own or rent home?
earnrs how many in family earned money
earthsun sci knowledge:the earth goes around the sun
effctsup supervisor effective solve work/personal conflicts
elecfair how fair last natl election:opprtunities of candidate
electron sci knowledge:electrons are smaller than atoms
elecvote how honest last natl election:counting of votes
emailhr email hours per week
emailmin email minutes per week
empinput r involved in any task force for decision-making
emptrain received formal training from employer
eqwlth should govt reduce income differences
esop r is member of esop
ethnic country of family origin
evcrack r ever use crack cocaine
evidu r ever inject drugs
evolved sci knowledge:human beings developed from animals
evpaidsx ever have sex paid for or being paid since 18
evstray have sex other than spouse while married
evwork ever work as long as one year
excldimm america should exclude illegal immigrants
expdesgn better way to test drug btw control and non-control
exptext why is it better to test drug this way
extrapay eligible for performance based pay
extrayr year of the most recent perf based payments
fair people fair or try to take advantage
fairearn how fair is what r earn on the job
famgen number of family generations in household
family16 living with parents when 16 yrs old
famvswk how often fam life interfere job
famwkoff how hard to take time off
fear afraid to walk at night in neighborhood
fechld mother working doesnt hurt children
feelevel amount of fees paid
feeused fee given to get case
fefam better for man to work, woman tend home
fehire should hire and promote women
fejobaff for or against preferential hiring of women
fepol women not suited for politics
fepresch preschool kids suffer if mother works
finalter change in financial situation
finrela opinion of family income
forland foreigners should not be allowed to buy land
form form of split questionnaire asked
freetrde free trade leads to better products
fringeok fringe benefits are good
frndsex r had sex with friend last year
fucitzn is r planning/appling for us citizenship or not
fund how fundamentalist is r currently
fund16 how fundamentalist was r at age 16
getahead opinion of how people get ahead
givblood r donated blood during the past 12 months
givchrty r has given money to a charity
givhmlss r has given food or money to a homeless person
givseat r offered seat to a stranger during past 12 months
god rs confidence in the existence of god
goodlife standard of living of r will improve
govdook we can trust people in govt
granborn how many grandparents born outside u.s.
grass should marijuana be made legal
grpother r belongs to another voluntary association
grpparty r belongs to a political party
grprelig r belongs to a church or othr religious organization
grpsprts r belongs to a sports, leisure, or cultural grp
grpwork r belongs to a trade union or professtional associati
gunlaw favor or oppose gun permits
gvtrghts (on a scale of 1 to 7, where 1 is not at all important and 7 is very important
handmove r perform forceful hand movements
hapcohab happiness of relt with partner
hapmar happiness of marriage
happy general happiness
haveinfo enough info to get the job done
health condition of health
health1 rs health in general
hefinfo number of hef informant
height r is how tall
helpaway r looked after plant or pet of others while away
helpblk should govt aid blacks?
helpful people helpful or looking out for selves
helphwrk helped someone with hwork during past 12 months
helpjob helped somebody to find a job past 12 months
helpnot should govt do more or less?
helpoth to help others
helppoor should govt improve standard of living?
helpsick should govt help pay for medical care?
helpusa how important to help worse off ppl in america
helpwrld how important to help worse off ppl in rest of world
hhtype household type
hhtype1 household type (condensed)
hispanic hispanic specified
hivkiss kiss can spread hiv
hivtest have you ever been tested for hiv
hivtest1 in what month and year was your last hiv test
hivtest2 where did you have your last hiv test
hivvac there is a vaccine that can prevent hiv
hlpequip enough help and equip to ge the job done
hlthall healthcare provided for everyone
hlthdays days of activity limitation past 30 days
homosex homosexual sex relations
hompop number of persons in household
hotcore sci knowledge: the center of earth is very hot
hrs1 number of hours worked last week
hrs2 number of hours usually work a week
hrsrelax hours per day r have to relax
hsbio r ever took a high school biology course
hschem r ever took a high school chemistry course
hsmath the highest level of math r completed in high school
hsphys r ever took a high school physics course
hunt does r or spouse hunt
hurtatwk number of injuries on the job past 12 months
hvylift r do repeated lifting
hyperten told have hypertension or high blood pressure
idu30 r inject drugs in past 30 days
if08who who you would have voted for
if12who who would r have voted for in 2012 election
ifwrong agree people should support their country
immameco immigrants good for america
immassim what statement about immigrants matches view
immcult immigrants undermine american culture
immeduc legal immigrants should have same education as americans
immideas immigrants make america more open
immjobs immigrants take jobs away
immrghts legal immigrants should have same right as american
imports america should limit the import
incom16 rs family income when 16 yrs old
income total family income
income06 total family income
indperf size of perf based pay depend on individual
intecon interested in economic issues
inteduc interested in local school issues
intenvir interested in environmental issues
interpol joined an internet political forum
intfarm interested in farm issues
intintl interested in international issues
intlblks unintelligent - intelligent
intlincs largee intl company damage to local business
intlwhts unintelligent -intelligent
intmed interested in medical discoveries
intmil interested in military policy
intrhome internet access in r's home
intsci interested in new scientific discoveries
intspace interested in space exploration
inttech interested in technologies
jobfind could r find equally good job
jobfind1 how easy for r to find a same job
jobhour short working hours
jobinc high income
joblose is r likely to lose job
jobmeans work important and feel accomplishment
jobpromo chances for advancement
jobsec no danger of being fired
jobsecok the job security is good
joindem took part in a demonstration
kidssol rs kids living standard compared to r
knowschd how far in advance know work schedule
knowwhat r knows what's expected on job
laidoff r was laid off main job last year
lasers sci knowledge:lasers work by focusing sound waves
learnnew job requires r to learn new things
leftrght how left or right in politics
lentto lent money to another person past 12 months
lessprd agree often less proud of america
letdie1 allow incurable patients to die
letin1 number of immigrants to america nowadays should be
letin1a number of immigrants nowadays should be
libath allow anti-religious book in library
libcom allow communists book in library
libhomo allow homosexuals book in library
libmil allow militarists book in library
libmslm allow anti-american muslim clergymen's books in library
librac allow racists book in library
life is life exciting or dull
liveblks neighborhood half black
livewhts r favors living in half white neighborhood
loanitem r has let someone borrow a item of some value
localnum number of employees: rs work site
maind10 mothers industry code (naics 2007)
major1 college major 1
major2 college major 2
majorcol the field of degree r earned
manvsemp relations bw management and employees
maocc10 mothers census occupation code (2010)
marasian close relative marry asian
marblk close relative marry black
marhisp close relative marry hispanic
marhomo homosexuals should have right to marry
marital marital status
martype marital type
marwht r favor close relative marrying white person
matesex was 1 of rs partners spouse or regular
mawrkgrw mothers employment when r was 16
mawrkslf mother self-emp. or worked for somebody
meltpot1 better to maintain distinct cultures
meovrwrk men hurt family when focus on work too much
mincult ethnic minorities should be given gov assistance
misswork miss work for health past 30 days
mntlhlth days of poor mental health past 30 days
mobile16 geographic mobility since age 16
mode interview done in-person or over the phone
moredays days per month r work extra hours
mustwork mandatory to work extra hours
nafta1 how much heard or read about nafta?
nafta2a america benefits from being a member of nafta?
nataid foreign aid
nataidy assistance to other countries -- ver y
natarms military, armaments, and defense
natarmsy national defense -- version y
natchld assistance for childcare
natcity solving problems of big cities
natcityy assistance to big cities -- version y
natcrime halting rising crime rate
natcrimy law enforcement -- verison y
natdrug dealing with drug addiction
natdrugy drug rehabilitation -- version y
nateduc improving nations education system
nateducy education -- version y
natenrgy developing alternative energy sources
natenvir improving & protecting environment
natenviy the environment -- version y
natfare welfare
natfarey assistance to the poor -- version y
natheal improving & protecting nations health
nathealy health -- version y
natmass mass transportation
natpark parks and recreation
natrace improving the conditions of blacks
natracey assistance to blacks -- version y
natroad highways and bridges
natsci supporting scientific research
natsoc social security
natspac space exploration program
natspacy space exploration -- version y
news how often does r read newspaper
newsfrom main source of information about events in the news
nextgen science & tech. give more opportunities to next generation
notvote citizens have right not to vote
ntcitvte long-term residents should vote
ntwkhard past week not work hard enough
numemps number of employee for the self-employed
nummen number of male sex partners since 18
numorg number of people working in organization at all locations
numwomen number of female sex partners since 18
obey to obey
obeylaws how important always to abey laws
opdevel opportunity to develop my abilities
oppsegov how important:citizen engage in acts of civil disobed
oth16 other protestant denominations
other other protestant denominations
othersex r had sex with some other last year
othjew consider self to be jewish
othlang can r speak language other than english
othlang1 what other languages does r speak
othlang2 what other languages does r speak
othreasn how important to try to undrstnd reasonings of othr o
othshelp people should help less fortunate others
oversamp weights for black oversamples
overwork r has too much work to do well
owngun have gun in home
ownstock r has stock in rs company
paidsex r had sex for pay last year
painarms r had pain in the arms in the past 12 months
paind10 fathers industry code (2010)
paocc10 fathers census occupation code (2010)
parborn were rs parents born in this country
parcit were your parents citizens of america?
parsol rs living standard compared to parents
partfull was r's work part-time or full-time?
partners how many sex partners r had in last year
partnrs5 how many sex partners r had in last 5 years
partteam r work as part of a team
partyid political party affiliation
patriot1 patriotic feelings strengthen america's place in world
patriot2 patriotic feelings lead to intolerance in america
patriot3 patriotic feelings are needed for america to remain united
patriot4 patriotic feelings lead to negative feelings towards immigrants
pawrkslf father self-emp. or worked for somebody
paytaxes how important never to try to evade taxes
peocntct how many people in contact in a typical weekday
peoptrbl assisting people in trouble is very important
phase subsampling: two-phase design.
phone does r have telephone
physhlth days of poor physical health past 30 days
pikupsex r had sex with casual date last year
pillok birth control to teenagers 14-16
pistol pistol or revolver in home
polabuse citizen said vulgar or obscene things
polactve pol party encourge ppl to be active in politics in am
polattak citizen attacking policeman with fists
poleff11 don't have any say about what the government does
poleff18 govt do not care much what ppl like r think
poleff19 r have a good understanding of pol issues
poleff20 most ppl are better informed about politics than r is
polescap citizen attempting to escape custody
polfunds donated money or raised funds for soc or pol activity
polgreed most politicians are only for what get out of politics
polhitok ever approve of police striking citizen
polint1 how interested in politics
polinter expressed political views on internet past year
polmurdr citizen questioned as murder suspect
polnews how often use media to get political news
polopts how important:ppl given chance to participate in deci
polviews think of self as liberal or conservative
popespks pope is infallible on matters of faith or morals
popular to be well liked or popular
pornlaw feelings about pornography laws
posslq does r have marital partner
posslqy relationship status and cohabitation or not
postlife belief in life after death
powrorgs intl orgs take away much power from american govt
pray how often does r pray
prayer bible prayer in public schools
premarsx sex before marriage
pres08 vote obama or mccain
pres12 vote obama or romney
preteen household members 6 thru 12 yrs old
prodctiv work conditions allow productivity
promtefr promotions are handled fairly
promteok rs chances for promotion good
proudart how proud its achievements in the arts & lit.
prouddem how proud the way democracy works
proudeco how proud america's economic achievements
proudemp r proud to work for employer
proudgrp how proud its fair and equal treatment
proudhis how proud its history
proudmil how proud america's armed forces
proudpol how proud its political influence in the world
proudsci how proud its scientific and tech achievements
proudspt how proud its achievements in sports
proudsss how proud its social security system
racdif1 differences due to discrimination
racdif2 differences due to inborn disability
racdif3 differences due to lack of education
racdif4 differences due to lack of will
raclive any opp. race in neighborhood
racmeet allowed to hold pub meeting for racist
racopen vote on open housing law
racwork racial makeup of workplace
radioact sci knowledge:all radioactivity is man-made
rank rs self ranking of social position
ratetone r's facial coloring by interviewer
realinc family income in constant $
realrinc rs income in constant $
reborn has r ever had a 'born again' experience
refrndms referendum are good way to decide important pol quest
reg16 region of residence, age 16
relactiv how often does r take part in relig activities
relatsex relation to last sex partner
relig rs religious preference
relig16 religion in which raised
reliten strength of affiliation
relmeet allowed to hold pub meeting for religious extremist
relpersn r consider self a religious person
res16 type of place lived in when 16 yrs old
respect r treated with respect at work
respnum number in family of r
retchnge r returned money after getting too much change
revmeet allowed to hold pub meeting for ppl who want overthro
rghtsmin how important:govt protect right of minorities
richwork if rich, continue or stop working
rifle rifle in home
rincblls income alone is enough
rincom06 respondents income
rincome respondents income
rowngun does gun belong to r
safefrst no shortcuts on worker safety
safehlth safety and health condition good at work
safetywk worker safety priority at work
satfin satisfaction with financial situation
satjob job or housework
satjob1 job satisfaction in general
savesoul tried to convince others to accept jesus
scibnfts benefits of sci research outweight harmful results
scifrom main source of information about science and technology
scinews1 newspaper printed or online
scinews2 magazine printed or online
scinews3 where online get info
scistudy r has clear understanding of scientific study
scitext what it means to r to study scienfically
secondwk r has job other than main
sector type of college respondent attended
seeksci probable source of information about scientific issues
selffrst people need not overly worry about others
selfless r feels like a selfless caring for others
servepeo how committed govt admnstrators are to serve people
sexeduc sex education in public schools
sexfreq frequency of sex during last year
sexornt sexual orientation
sexsex sex of sex partners in last year
sexsex5 sex of sex partners last five years
shortcom world better if america acknowledged shortcomings
shotgun shotgun in home
sibs number of brothers and sisters
signdpet signed a petition
size size of place in 1000s
slpprblm trouble sleeping last 12 months
socbar spend evening at bar
socfrend spend evening with friends
socommun spend evening with neighbor
socrel spend evening with relatives
solarrev sci knowledge:how long the earth goes around the sun
solok how important:citizens have adequate standard of livi
spanking favor spanking to discipline child
spden specific denomination, spouse
spdipged spouse diploma, ged, or other
spevwork spouse ever work as long as a year
spfund how fundamentalist is spouse currently
sphrs1 number of hrs spouse worked last week
sphrs2 no. of hrs spouse usually works a week
spind10 spouses industry code (naics 2007)
spkath allow anti-religionist to speak
spkcom allow communist to speak
spkhomo allow homosexual to speak
spklang how well does r speak other language
spkmil allow militarist to speak
spkmslm allow muslim clergymen preaching hatred of the us
spkrac allow racist to speak
spocc10 spouse census occupation code (2010)
spother other protestant denominations
sprel spouses religious preference
sprtprsn r consider self a spiritual person
spsector type of college spouse attended
spvtrfair supervisor is fair
spwrkslf spouse self-emp. or works for somebody
spwrksta spouse labor force status
stockops r hold any stock options of rs company
stockval total dollar value of rs stock
stress how often does r find work stressful
stress12 stress management program last 12 months
strredpg access to stress management
suicide1 suicide if incurable disease
suicide2 suicide if bankrupt
suicide3 suicide if dishonored family
suicide4 suicide if tired of living
supcares supervisor concerned about welfare
suprvsjb does r supervise others at work
suphelp supervisor helpful to r in getting job done
talkedto talked with someone depressed past 12 months
talkspvs comfortable talking with supervisor about personal
tax rs federal income tax
teamsafe mgt and employees work together re safety
teens household members 13 thru 17 yrs old
teensex sex before marriage -- teens 14-16
thnkself to think for ones self
toofast science makes our way of life change too fast
toofewwk how often not enough staff
trdestck company stock publicly traded
trdunion workers need strong unions
trust can people be trusted
trustman r trust management at work
trynewjb how likely r make effort for new job next year
tvhours hours per day watching tv
unemp ever unemployed in last ten yrs
union does r or spouse belong to union
unrelat number in household not related
uscitzn is r us citizen
usedup how often during past month r felt used up
usemedia contacted in the media to express view
useskill how much past skills can you make use in present
usetech percentage of time use tech
usewww r use www other than email
uswar expect u.s. in war within 10 years
uswary expect u.s. in world war in 10 years
valgiven total donations past year r and immediate family
vetyears years in armed forces
viruses sci knowledge:antiviotics kill viruses as well as bacteria
visitors number of visitors in household
voedcol non-college postsecondary education (voednme1)
voednme1 postsecondary institution attended for credit
voedncol non-college postsecondary education (voednme2)
voednme2 postsecondary institution attended for credit
volchrty r done volunteer work for a charity
volmonth volunteer in last month
vote08 did r vote in 2008 election
vote12 did r vote in 2012 election
voteelec how important always to vote in elections
watchgov how important to keep watch on action of govt
waypaid how paid in main job
wealth total wealth of respondent
webmob r uses home internet through mobile device
weekswrk weeks r. worked last year
weight r weighs how much
whencol when received college degree
whenhs when received hs degree
whoelse1 presence of others:children under six
whoelse2 presence of others:older children
whoelse3 presence of others:spouse partner
whoelse4 presence of others:other relatives
whoelse5 presence of others:other adults
whoelse6 presence of others:no one
whywkhme usual reason r work at home
widowed ever been widowed
wkageism r feels discriminated because of age
wkcontct how often contacted about work when not working
wkdecide how often r take part in decisions
wkfreedm a lot of freedom to decide how to do job
wkharoth r threatened on the job last 12 months
wkharsex r sexually harassed on the job last 12 months
wkpraise r is likely to be praised by supervisor
wkracism r feels discriminated because of race
wksexism r feels discriminated because of gender
wksmooth workplace runs in smooth manner
wksub does r or spouse have supervisor
wksubs does supervisor have supervisor
wksup does r or spouse supervise anyone
wksups does subordinate supervise anyone
wkvsfam how often job interferes fam life
wlthblks rich - poor
wlthwhts rich - poor
workblks hard working - lazy
workdiff r does numerous things on job
workfast job requires r to work fast
workfor1 r work for whom
workhard to work hard
workwhts hard working - lazy
wrkgovt govt or private employee
wrkhome how often r works at home
wrksched usual work schedule
wrkslf r self-emp or works for somebody
wrkstat labor force status
wrktime r has enough time to get the job done
wrktype work arrangement at main job
wrkwayup blacks overcome prejudice without favors
wrldgovt international bodies should enforce environment
wwwhr www hours per week
wwwmin www minutes per week
xmarsex sex with person other than spouse
xmovie seen x-rated movie in last year
xnorcsiz expanded n.o.r.c. size code
yearsjob time at current job
yearval total dollar value of payments in that year




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