Man pages for vapour
Lightweight Access to the 'Geospatial Data Abstraction Library' ('GDAL')

GDAL-libraryGDAL version and drivers.
sst_cSST contours
tas_wktExample WKT coordinate reference system
vapour_geom_nameRead geometry column name
vapour_geom_summarySummary of available geometry
vapour_layer_infoRead GDAL layer info
vapour_layer_namesRead GDAL layer names
vapour_raster_gcpRaster ground control points
vapour_raster_infoRaster information
vapour_read_fieldsRead feature field data
vapour_read_geometryRead GDAL feature geometry
vapour_read_namesRead feature names
vapour_read_rasterRaster IO (read)
vapour_read_raster_blockRead or write raster block
vapour_read_raster_rawtype safe(r) raster read
vapour_report_fieldsRead feature field types.
vapour_sds_namesGDAL raster subdatasets (variables)
vapour_srs_wktPROJ4 string to WKT
vapour_vsi_listRead GDAL virtual source contents
vapour_warp_rasterRaster warper (reprojection)
vapour_warp_raster_rawtype safe(r) raster warp
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