vardpoor: Variance Estimation for Sample Surveys by the Ultimate Cluster Method

Generation of domain variables, linearisation of several nonlinear population statistics (the ratio of two totals, weighted income percentile, relative median income ratio, at-risk-of-poverty rate, at-risk-of-poverty threshold, Gini coefficient, gender pay gap, the aggregate replacement ratio, the relative median income ratio, median income below at-risk-of-poverty gap, income quintile share ratio, relative median at-risk-of-poverty gap), computation of regression residuals in case of weight calibration, variance estimation of sample surveys by the ultimate cluster method (Hansen, Hurwitz and Madow,Theory, vol. I: Methods and Applications; vol. II: Theory. 1953, New York: John Wiley and Sons), variance estimation for longitudinal, cross-sectional measures and measures of change for single and multistage stage cluster sampling designs (Berger, Y. G., 2015, <doi:10.1111/rssa.12116>). Several other precision measures are derived - standard error, the coefficient of variation, the margin of error, confidence interval, design effect.

AuthorJuris Breidaks [aut, cre], Martins Liberts [aut], Santa Ivanova [aut]
Date of publication2017-03-21 15:13:25 UTC
MaintainerJuris Breidaks <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

domain: Extra variables for domain estimation

incPercentile: Estimation of weighted percentiles

linarpr: Linearization of at-risk-of-poverty rate

linarpt: Linearization of at-risk-of-poverty threshold

linarr: Linearization of the aggregate replacement ratio

lingini: Linearization of the GINI coefficient I

lingini2: Linearization of the GINI coefficient II

lingpg: Linearization of the gender pay (wage) gap.

linpoormed: Linearization of the median income of individuals below the...

linqsr: Linearization of the Quintile Share Ratio

lin.ratio: Linearization of the ratio estimator

linrmir: Linearization of the relative median income ratio

linrmpg: Linearization of the relative median at-risk-of-poverty gap

residual_est: Residual estimation of calibration

vardannual: Variance estimation for measures of annual net change or...

vardchanges: Variance estimation for measures of change for single and...

vardchangespoor: Variance estimation for measures of change for sample surveys...

vardcros: Variance estimation for cross-sectional, longitudinal...

vardcrospoor: Variance estimation for cross-sectional, longitudinal...

vardgpgannual: Variance estimation for measures of annual gender pay gap for...

vardom: Variance estimation of the sample surveys in domain by the...

vardomh: Variance estimation for sample surveys in domain for one or...

vardom_othstr: Variance estimation for sample surveys in domain by the two...

vardpoor-package: Variance Estimation for Sample Surveys by the Ultimate...

variance_est: Variance estimation for sample surveys by the ultimate...

variance_othstr: Variance estimation for sample surveys by the new...

varpoord: Estimation of the variance and deff for sample surveys for...

var_srs: The estimation of the simple random sampling.


domain Man page
incPercentile Man page
linarpr Man page
linarpt Man page
linarr Man page
lingini Man page
lingini2 Man page
lingpg Man page
linpoormed Man page
linqsr Man page
lin.ratio Man page
linrmir Man page
linrmpg Man page
residual_est Man page
vardannual Man page
vardchanges Man page
vardchangespoor Man page
vardcros Man page
vardcrospoor Man page
vardgpgannual Man page
vardom Man page
vardomh Man page
vardom_othstr Man page
vardpoor Man page
vardpoor-package Man page
variance_est Man page
variance_othstr Man page
varpoord Man page
var_srs Man page


vardpoor/R/lin.ratio.R vardpoor/R/linrmir.R vardpoor/R/vardcros.R vardpoor/R/vardgpgannual.R vardpoor/R/vardom.R vardpoor/R/lingini2.R vardpoor/R/lingpg.R vardpoor/R/vardchangespoor.R vardpoor/R/vardannual.R vardpoor/R/linqsr.R vardpoor/R/vardom_othstr.R vardpoor/R/variance_est.R vardpoor/R/domain.R vardpoor/R/vardomh.R vardpoor/R/lingini.R vardpoor/R/residual_est.R vardpoor/R/vardchanges.R vardpoor/R/var_srs.R vardpoor/R/incPercentile.R vardpoor/R/variance_othstr.R vardpoor/R/linarpt.R vardpoor/R/linarpr.R vardpoor/R/linpoormed.R vardpoor/R/vardcrospoor.R vardpoor/R/linrmpg.R vardpoor/R/varpoord.R vardpoor/R/linarr.R
vardpoor/man/vardgpgannual.Rd vardpoor/man/variance_othstr.Rd vardpoor/man/vardom.Rd vardpoor/man/vardchangespoor.Rd vardpoor/man/linarr.Rd vardpoor/man/vardcros.Rd vardpoor/man/linpoormed.Rd vardpoor/man/vardchanges.Rd vardpoor/man/varpoord.Rd vardpoor/man/incPercentile.Rd vardpoor/man/vardpoor-package.Rd vardpoor/man/vardcrospoor.Rd vardpoor/man/linrmir.Rd vardpoor/man/var_srs.Rd vardpoor/man/lin.ratio.Rd vardpoor/man/linrmpg.Rd vardpoor/man/linarpt.Rd vardpoor/man/vardom_othstr.Rd vardpoor/man/variance_est.Rd vardpoor/man/vardannual.Rd vardpoor/man/lingini.Rd vardpoor/man/lingpg.Rd vardpoor/man/residual_est.Rd vardpoor/man/lingini2.Rd vardpoor/man/linarpr.Rd vardpoor/man/vardomh.Rd vardpoor/man/linqsr.Rd vardpoor/man/domain.Rd

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