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Modeling Spatially Varying Coefficients

check_cov_lowerCheck Lower Bound of Covariance Parameters
coef.SVC_mleExtact Mean Effects
cov_parExtact Covariance Parameters Function to extract the...
fitted.SVC_mleExtact Model Fitted Values
fullSVC_lineSample Function for GP-based SVC Model on Real Line
fullSVC_reggridSample Function for GP-based SVC Models on Regular Grid
GLS_cholGLS Estimate using Cholesky Factor
houseLucas County House Price Data
IC.SVC_mleConditional Akaike's and Bayesian Information Criteria
init_bounds_optimSetting of Optimization Bounds and Initial Values
logLik.SVC_mleExtact the Likelihood
nlocsExtract Number of Unique Locations Function to extract the...
nobs.SVC_mleExtact Number of Observations
own_distComputes (Cross-) Distances
plot.SVC_mlePlotting Residuals of 'SVC_mle' model
predict.SVC_mlePrediction of SVCs (and response variable)
prep_par_outputPreparation of Parameter Output
print.summary.SVC_mlePrinting Method for 'summary.SVC_mle'
print.SVC_mlePrint Method for 'SVC_mle'
residuals.SVC_mleExtact Model Residuals
sample_fullSVCSample Function for GP-based SVC Model for Given Locations
Sigma_yCovariance Matrix of GP-based SVC Model
summary.SVC_mleSummary Method for 'SVC_mle'
SVC_mleMLE of SVC model
SVC_mle_controlSet Parameters for 'SVC_mle'
SVC_selectionSVC Model Selection
SVC_selection_controlSVC Selection Parameters
varycoefvarycoef: Modeling Spatially Varying Coefficients
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