vec2dtransf: 2D Cartesian Coordinate Transformation

A package for applying affine and similarity transformations on vector spatial data (sp objects). Transformations can be defined from control points or directly from parameters. If redundant control points are provided Least Squares is applied allowing to obtain residuals and RMSE.

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AuthorGerman Carrillo
Date of publication2014-10-04 15:35:58
MaintainerGerman Carrillo <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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AffineTransformation Man page
AffineTransformation-class Man page
applyTransformation Man page
applyTransformation,Cartesian2DCoordinateTransformation-method Man page
applyTransformation-methods Man page
calculateParameters Man page
calculateParameters,AffineTransformation-method Man page
calculateParameters-methods Man page
calculateParameters,SimilarityTransformation-method Man page
Cartesian2DCoordinateTransformation-class Man page
control.points Man page
getParameters Man page
getParameters,Cartesian2DCoordinateTransformation-method Man page
getParameters-methods Man page
getResiduals Man page
getResiduals,Cartesian2DCoordinateTransformation-method Man page
getResiduals-methods Man page
getRMSE Man page
getRMSE,Cartesian2DCoordinateTransformation-method Man page
getRMSE-methods Man page
numericOrNULL-class Man page
plotGridTransformation Man page
plotGridTransformation,Cartesian2DCoordinateTransformation-metho Man page
plotGridTransformation-methods Man page
show Man page
show,Cartesian2DCoordinateTransformation-method Man page
SimilarityTransformation Man page
SimilarityTransformation-class Man page
transformCoordinates Man page
vec2dtransf Man page

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