Man pages for vegalite
Tools to Encode Visualizations with the 'Grammar of Graphics'-Like 'Vega-Lite' 'Spec'

add_dataAdd data to a Vega-Lite spec
add_filterAdd a filter
axis_facet_colGeneral axis setttings (column facet)
axis_facet_rowGeneral axis setttings (row facets)
axis_xGeneral axis setttings (x-axis)
axis_yGeneral axis setttings (y-axis)
bin_xGroup continuous data values (x-axis)
bin_yGroup continuous data values (y-axis)
calculateDerive new fields
capture_widgetCapture a static (png) version of a widget (e.g. for use in a...
cell_sizeAdd cell size to main Vega-Lite spec
config_colorColor config
config_fontFont config
config_opacityOpacity config
config_strokeStroke config
config_textText config
embed_specScaffold HTML/JavaScript/CSS code from 'vegalite'
encode_colorEncode color "channel"
encode_detailEncode detail "channel"
encode_orderEncode detail "order"
encode_pathEncode detail "path"
encode_shapeEncode shape "channel"
encode_sizeEncode size "channel"
encode_textEncode text "channel"
encode_xEncode x "channel"
encode_yEncode y "channel"
facet_cellFacet cell aesthetics
facet_colCreate a horizontal ribbon of panels
facet_rowCreate a vertical ribbon of panels
filter_nullFilter 'null' values
from_specTake a JSON Vega-Lite Spec and render as an htmlwidget
grid_facetFacet grid aesthetics
JSMark character strings as literal JavaScript code
legend_colorLegend settings (color)
legend_shapeLegend settings (shape)
legend_sizeLegend settings (size)
mark_areaArea mark
mark_barBar mark
mark_circleCircle mark
mark_lineLine mark
mark_pointPoint mark
mark_squareSquare mark
mark_textText mark
mark_tickTick mark
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
renderVegaliteWidget render function for use in Shiny
saveWidgetSave a widget to an HTML file
scale_color_nominalNominal Color Scale
scale_color_sequentialSequential Color Scale
scale_shapeShape Scale
scale_x_linearQuantitative Scale
scale_x_logLog Scale
scale_x_ordinalOrdinal Scale
scale_x_powQuantitative Scale
scale_x_quantileQuantile Scale
scale_x_quantizeQuantize Scale
scale_x_sqrtSqrt Scale
scale_x_thresholdThreshold Scale
scale_x_timeTemporal Scale
scale_y_linearLinear Scale
scale_y_logLog Scale
scale_y_ordinalOrdinal Scale
scale_y_powPower Scale
scale_y_quantileQuantile Scale
scale_y_quantizeQuantize Scale
scale_y_sqrtSqrt Scale
scale_y_thresholdThreshold Scale
scale_y_timeTemporal Scale
sort_defCreate a sort definition object
timeunit_xHow to encode x-axis time values
timeunit_yHow to encode y-axis time values
to_specConvert a spec created with widget idioms to JSON
vegaliteCreate and (optionally) visualize a Vega-Lite spec
vegaliteOutputWidget output function for use in Shiny
vegalite-packageCreate Vega-Lite specs using htmlwidget idioms
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