Man pages for velociraptr
Fossil Analysis

abundanceMatrixCreate a community matrix of taxon abundances
additiveBetaAdditive Diversity Partitioning functions
ageRangesFind the age range for each taxon in a dataframe
cleanTaxonomyClean taxonomic names
constrainAgesConstrain a dataset to only occurrences within a certain...
cullMatrixCull rare taxa and depauperate samples
downloadPaleogeographyDownloads paleogeographic maps
downloadPBDBDownload Occurrences from the Paleobiology Database
downloadPlacesDownload Shapefile of Places
downloadTimeDownload geologic timescale
fixedLatitudeDownload fixed-latitude equal-area grid
multiplicativeBetaMultiplicative Diversity Partitioning
presenceMatrixCreate a matrix of presences and absences
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