Man pages for vennLasso
Variable Selection for Heterogeneous Populations

cv.vennLassoCross Validation for the vennLasso
estimate.hier.sparsity.paramfunction to estimate the hierarchical sparsity parameter for...
genHierSparseBetafunction to generate coefficient matrix with hierarchical...
genHierSparseDatafunction to generate data with hierarchical sparsity
logLiklog likelihood function for fitted vennLasso objects
oglassoOverlapping Group Lasso (OGLasso)
plotPlot method for cv.vennLasso fitted objects
plotCoefsplotting function to investigate estimated coefficients
plotSelectionsplotting function to investigate hierarchical structure of...
plotVennplotting function for venn diagrams of overlapping conditions
predictPrediction for Hierarchical Shared Lasso for Cross Validation Hierarchical Lasso Object
vennLassoFitting vennLasso models
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