Man pages for vetools
Tools for Venezuelan Environmental Data

CatalogCollection of class 'Catalog'
CatalogConvention'vetools' Catalog Convention White Sheet (Revision 3)
complete.seriesComplete relatively large holes in data-sets
CuencaCaroniRainfall data for the Cuenca del Caron<c3><ad>, Venezuela
diasdelmesSum of days
diffmonthsDifference between two time-series
disaggregateDesagregates a time-series
disaggregate.MARNDisaggregates a time-series using a reference (surrogate)...
est.cutCrops a list of time-series
est.fillFor each member of a collection call the function...
est.rmRemoves stations from a collection of class 'Catalog'
est.sortSort a data/catalog pair
est.unionUnites data from a collection of data/catalog pair
fill.small.missingComplete daily-frequency time-series
get.Grid.sizeBuild a grid around an object of class...
get.shape.rangeGet spatial range of an object
get.shape.stateRetrive SHAPE files
m12Smart modulo 12 for time aritmetics
panoramaOverview of a 'collection' of stations
plotArrowPlots a neat North arrow
plotLayersPlot simultaneously one or more layers of information
read.HIDROXLoad environmental data from governmental sources
summary.catalogoShows a summary, a panoramic overview in temporal or spatial...
time2ymTime related conversion functions
tssumThe 'sum' for time-series objects
VargasRainfall in Vargas, Venezuela
vetools-packageSome tools for Venezuelan environmental data
xts2tsTime-serie convertion routine
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