nullify: Set Element to NULL Without Removing It

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Set Element to NULL Without Removing It


This function is required because there is no straightforward way to over-write a value in a list with NULL without completely removing the entry from the list as well.


nullify(obj, index)

## Default S3 method:
nullify(obj, index)



the R object to NULL a value in


an indexing vectors of values to NULL


This returns a copy of the object modified with null slots; it does not modify the input argument.

Default method will attempt to convert non-list objects to lists with as.list, and then back to whatever they were by using a function with name paste0("as.", class(obj)[[1L]]) if it exists and works. If the object cannot be coerced back to its original type the corresponding list will be returned.

If this is not appropriate for your object type you can write an S3 method for it.


object with selected values NULLified


attributes are copied from original object and re-applied to final object before return, which may not make sense in some circumstances.


nullify(list(1, 2, 3), 2)
nullify(call("fun", 1, 2, 3), 2)

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