#' @title Statlog (Heart) Data Set
#' @description The data consists of 270 patients described by six numerical 
#' variables and eight categorical variables.
#'@format A data frame of 270 rows (patients) and 14 columns (variables):
#'@field age Numerical. Age in years.
#'@field resting_blood_pressure(trestbps) Numerical. Resting blood pressure (in mmHg) at hospital admittance.
#'@filed serum_cholesterol(chol) Numerical. Serum cholesterol in mg/dl.
#'@field maximum_heart_rate_achieved(maxhr). Numerical. Maximum heart rate achieved during exercise.
#'@field oldpeak Numerical. ST depression induced by exercise relative to rest.
#'@field number_of_major_vessels_colored_by_fluoroscopy(numv) Numerical. Number of major vessels (0-3) colored by fluoroscopy.
#'@field sex Categorical. Sex (1 = male; 0 = female). 
#'@field chest_pain_type(cp) Categorical. 1: typical angina, 2: atypical angina, 3: non-anginal pain, 4: asymptomatic.
#'@field fasting_blood_sugar_>_120mg/dl(fbs) Categorical. 1 = true; 0 = false.
#'@field resting_electrocardiographic_results(restecg) Categorical. 0: normal, 1: ST-T wave abnormality (T wave inversions and/or ST
#'    elevation or depression >0.05mV), 2: showing probable or definite left ventricular hypertrophy by Estes' criteria.
#'@field exercice_induced_angina(exang) Categorical. 1 = yes; 0 = no. 
#'@field the_slope_of_the_peak_exercice_ST_segment(slope) Categorical. 1: upsloping, 2: flat, 3: downsloping.
#'@field thalassemia(thal) Categorical. 3: normal blood flow, 6: fixed defect, 7: reversible defect.
#'@field presence_or_absence_of_heart_disease(HD) Categorical. Absence or presence of a heart disease.
#' @source \url{http://archive.ics.uci.edu/ml/datasets/statlog+(heart)}
#' @references A. Frank and A. Asuncion. UCI machine learning repository, statlog (heart) data set, 2010.

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