Man pages for visNetwork
Network Visualization using 'vis.js' Library

addExportAdd libraries dependencies used in export visExport
addFontAwesomeUse fontAwesome icons in visNetwork 'graph'
addIoniconsUse Ionicons in visNetwork 'graph'
visClusteringByColorNetwork visualization clustering options - by color
visClusteringByConnectionNetwork visualization clustering options - by node id
visClusteringByGroupNetwork visualization clustering options - by group
visClusteringByHubsizeNetwork visualization clustering options - by hubsize
visClusteringOutliersNetwork visualization clustering options - outliers
visConfigureNetwork visualization configure options
visDocumentationView full documentation of vis.js on network
visEdgesNetwork visualization edges options
visEventsNetwork visualization events
visExportNetwork export configuration
visFitNetwork visualization fit method
visFocusNetwork visualization focus method
visGetBoundingBoxMethod getBoundingBox, with shiny only.
visGetConnectedEdgesMethod getConnectedEdges, with shiny only.
visGetConnectedNodesMethod getConnectedNodes, with shiny only.
visGetEdgesFunction to get edges data, with shiny only.
visGetNodesFunction to get nodes data, with shiny only.
visGetPositionsNetwork visualization getPositions method
visGetScaleFunction to get current scale of network, with shiny only.
visGetSelectedEdgesFunction to get selected edges, with shiny only.
visGetSelectedNodesFunction to get selected nodes, with shiny only.
visGetSelectionFunction to get selected edges & nodes, with shiny only.
visGetViewPositionFunction to get current view position, with shiny only.
visGroupsNetwork visualization groups options
visHclustVisualize Hierarchical cluster analysis.
visHierarchicalLayoutNetwork visualization Hierarchical layout options
visIgraphLayoutUse a igraph layout for compute coordinates & fast rendering
visInteractionNetwork visualization interaction
visLayoutNetwork visualization layout options
visLegendAdd a legend on a visNetwork object
visMoveNodeNetwork visualization moveNode method
visNearestNodesFunction to nearest nodes of a target node, with shiny only.
visNetworkNetwork visualization
visNetwork-collapseNetwork visualization collapse / uncollapsed method
visNetworkEditorVisualize, customize and get back a 'visNetwork' object. Need...
visNetworkEditor-moduleModule shiny for visualize and customize and get back a...
visNetwork-exportsExport magrittr function
visNetwork-igraphRender a visNetwork object from an igraph object
visNetwork-shinyShiny bindings for visNetwork
visNetwork-treeModuleModule shiny for visualize and customize a 'rpart' tree
visNodesNetwork visualization nodes options
visOptionsNetwork visualization general options
visPhysicsNetwork visualization Physics options
visRedrawNetwork visualization redraw method
visRemoveEdgesFunction to remove edges from network, with shiny only.
visRemoveNodesFunction to remove nodes from network, with shiny only.
visSaveSave a a visNetwork object to an HTML file
visSelectEdgesFunction to select edge(s) from network, with shiny only.
visSelectNodesFunction to select node(s) from network, with shiny only.
visSetDataNetwork visualization setData method
visSetOptionsNetwork visualization full options setter
visSetSelectionFunction to select edge(s) / node(s) from network, with shiny...
visSetTitleSet title, subtitle, and footer using 'visNetworkProxy'
visStabilizeNetwork visualization stabilize method
visStartSimulationNetwork visualization startSimulation method
visStopSimulationNetwork visualization stopSimulation method
visStorePositionsMethod storePositions, with shiny only.
visTreeVisualize Recursive Partitioning and Regression Trees (rpart...
visTreeEditorRun and edit a visTree, and get back in R
visUnselectAllNetwork visualization unselectAll method
visUpdateEdgesFunction to update the information of edges, with shiny only.
visUpdateNodesFunction to update the information of nodes, with shiny only.
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