Man pages for vmr
Virtual Machines for R

getProviderOptionsList provider options
print.vmrPrint *vmr* object information
summary.vmrSummary *vmr* object information
virtualboxGitlabRunnerConfigure the guest VM to be use as a Gitlab-Runner
virtualboxOptionsList 'VirtualBox' options available
vmrBoxDownloadDownload a Box
vmrConfigSSHConfigure ssh
vmrConnectOpen a ssh connection to guest machine
vmrCreateCreate a *vmr* environment class
vmrDestroyRemove all resources created in a *vmr* environment
vmrDisconnectDisconnect ssh connection to guest machine
vmrExecExecute R methods into guest machine
vmrInfoGet guest machine information
vmrInitEnvInitialize the *vmr* environment
vmrInstallPackagesInstall R packages into guest machine
vmrIsRunningIs *vmr* environment running
vmrListList available boxes from VagrantCloud
vmrListBoxList all available version of a box
vmrListSnapshotList snapshot of the guest machine
vmrLoadLoad a *vmr* environment containing a Vagrant file
vmrLocalBoxListList downloaded boxes
vmrLocalBoxPruneRemove old installed boxes
vmrLocalBoxRemoveRemove a box from localhost
vmrLocalBoxUpdateUpdate local box version
vmrMountDirMount a host directory to guest
vmr-packageVirtual Machines for R
vmrPackageBuildBuild a package in the guest machine
vmrPackageCheckPerform a package check on guest
vmrPackageTestTest a package into a guest machine
vmrProvisionProvision a *vmr* environment
vmrRestoreSnapshotRestore a snapshot of the guest machine
vmrResumeResume a stopped guest machine
vmrSendSend files and/or directories to guest machine
vmrSetVerboseSet verbose level
vmrStartStart a *vmr* environment
vmrStatusGet the state of the guest machine
vmrStopStop a *vmr* environement
vmrSuspendSave state and stop guest machine
vmrTakeSnapshotTake a snapshot of the guest machine
vmrUpdateEnvVersionUpdate a *vmr* environment.
vmrUpdatePackagesUpdate R packages installed
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