Man pages for vocaldia
Create and Manipulate Vocalisation Diagrams

anonymiseanonymise: anonymise a vocalisation diagram
appendSpeechRateappendSpeechRate: append pre-generated speech rate data to...
atddiaA sample Medical Team Meeting dialogue encoded as a vocaldia
getEntropygetEntropy: safely return the Shannon entropy of a...
getIDsgetIDs get speaker role IDs (PAR, INV) and info from CHA...
getPauseTypegetPauseType: name pause type between two vocalisation...
getPIDgetIDs get study-wide unique patient IDs from CHA content
getPofAgivenBgetPofAgivenB: transtion probability.
getSampledVocalCountMatrixgetSampledVocalCountMatrix: generate vocalisation diagrams
getSampledVocalMatrixgetSampledVocalCountMatrix: generate vocalisation diagrams
getSilencesgetSilences read silences file
getSyllablesAndSilencesgetSyllablesAndSilences: process Praat's grid for syllable...
getTranscriptgetTranscript: get transcription lines from .cha content
getTurnTakingMatrixgetSampledVocalCountMatrix: generate vocalisation diagrams
getTurnTakingProbMatrixgetTurnTakingProbMatrix: create a vocaldia from a data.frame.
getTurnTypegetTurnType: return type of turn
identifyGrpVocalisationsidentifyGrpVocalisations: replace appropriate vocalisation...
identifyPausesidentifyPauses: label pauses according to type.
identifyVocalisationsidentifyVocalisations: replace appropriate vocalisation types
igraph.vocaldiaigraph.vocaldia: Create an igraph vocalisation diagram
makeSessionDataSetmakeSessionDataSet: create a data frame for a session (e.g....
makeVocalStatsDatasetmakeVocalStatsDataset: create a dataset of vocalisation...
matrixExpmatrixExp: raise matrix to exp.
namePausesnamePauses: name pause types.
plot.matrixseriesplotConvergence: plots Markov diagram convergence.
printARFFfileprintARFFfile: Create arff files by creating and flattening...
read.charead.cha read CHA transcription file (format used by...
startmatrixstartmatrix: return the first matrix of a converging series.
staticMatrixstaticMatrix Iterate until transition probabilities converge...
toDotNotationtoDotNotation: conver vocaldia to graphviz dot notation
vocaldia-packagevocaldia: Create and Manipulate Vocalisation Diagrams
vocmatrixA sample vocalisation matrix
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