Man pages for volcano3D
Interactive Plotting of Three-Way Differential Expression Analysis

boxplot_trioBoxplot to compare groups
grid-classAn S4 class to define the polar grid coordinates system.
polar-classAn S4 class to define the polar coordinates and pvalues for...
polar_coordsCoordinates for Three Way Polar Plot
polar_gridGrid required for 3D volcano plot and 2D radial plots
radial_ggplot'Ggplot' for Three Way Polar Plot
radial_plotlyThree-way radial comparison Polar Plot (using plotly)
show_gridPlots grid objects for inspection using plotly
syn_example_metaPEAC synovial sample data
syn_example_pSynovial differential expression of genes across pathotypes...
syn_example_rldPEAC synovial gene expression data
volcano3DThree-Dimensional Volcano Plot
volcano_plotCreates a single volcano plot
volcano_trioVolcano Plots for a three-way comparison
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