Man pages for votesys
Voting Systems, Instant-Runoff Voting, Borda Method, Various Condorcet Methods

approval_methodApproval Method
as_completeConvert Incomplete ranking/rating matrix into full matrix
borda_methodBorda Count Method
cdc_copelandCopeland Method
cdc_dodgsonDodgson Method
cdc_kemenyyoungKemeny-Young Method
cdc_minmaxMinmax Method
cdc_rankedpairsRanked Pairs Method
cdc_schulzeSchulze Method
cdc_simpleOrdinary Condorcet Method
check_dup_wrongCheck Ballots with Duplicated Values, Mistakes, or without...
create_voteCreate a vote Object that can be used in counting methods
dowdall_methodDowdall Method
irv_methodInstant-Runoff Voting Method
list2ballotRepeat ith element of list x or row of matrix/data.frames for...
plurality_methodPlurality Method to Find Absolute or Relative Majority
star_ratingUser Preference Aggregation
votesys-packageVoting Systems, Instant-Runoff Voting, Borda Method, Various...
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