Man pages for vowels
Vowel Manipulation, Normalization, and Plotting

compute.meansCompute the Formant Means (or Medians or Standard Deviations)...
convert.barkConvert Vowels from Hertz to Bark or ERB
label.columnsLabel the Columns of a Vowel Data Frame
load.vowelsLoad a Vowel File
norm.barkNormalize Vowels with Bark Difference Method
norm.labovNormalize Vowels with Labov ANAE Method
norm.lobanovNormalize Vowels with Lobanov Method
norm.neareyNormalize Vowels with Nearey Method(s)
norm.wattfabriciusNormalize Vowels with the Watt & Fabricius Method
ohiovowelsohiovowels: Sample data for vowels.R
scalevowelsScale Normalized Vowels to Appear Hz-Like
vowelplotPlot Vowels in F1~F2 Space
vowels-packageVOWELS: Vowel Manipulation, Normalization, and Plotting...
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