vows: Voxelwise Semiparametrics

Parametric and semiparametric inference for massively parallel models, i.e., a large number of models with common design matrix, as often occurs with brain imaging data.

AuthorPhilip Reiss, Yin-Hsiu Chen, Lei Huang, Lan Huo, Ruixin Tan, and Rong Jiao
Date of publication2016-08-21 12:22:51
MaintainerPhilip Reiss <phil.reiss@nyumc.org>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

extract.fd: Extract curve estimates to be clustered

Fdr.rlrt: False discovery rate estimation for massively parallel...

F.mp: F-tests for massively parallel linear models

funkmeans: Functional k-means clustering for parallel smooths

funkmeans4d: Functional k-means clustering for parallel smooths for...

lm4d: Voxelwise linear models

lm.mp: Massively parallel linear regression models

nii2R: NIfTI-to-R conversion

permF.mp: Permutation F-tests for massively parallel linear models

plot.funkmeans: Plotting of k-means clustering results for massively parallel...

plot.rlrt4d: Display cross-sections of voxelwise RLRT results

plot.semipar.mp: Plot massively parallel semiparametric models

qplsc.mp: Quadratically penalized least squares with constraints

R2nii: Save data to a NIfTI file

rlrt4d: Voxelwise restricted likelihood ratio tests

rlrt.mp: Massively parallel restricted likelihood ratio tests

rlrt.mp.fit: Massively parallel restricted likelihood ratio tests...

screen.vox: Screen voxels for a voxelwise smoothing object

semipar4d: Massively parallel semiparametric regression for...

semipar.mix.mp: Massively parallel semiparametric mixed models

semipar.mp: Massively parallel semiparametric regression

sf: Defining smooth functions in semiparametric model formulae

summary.lm.mp: Summarizing massively parallel linear model fits

test: Toy data set

vows-internal: Internal functions for the vows package

vows-mgcv: Utility functions related to the mgcv package

vows-package: Voxelwise semiparametrics

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