vows: Voxelwise Semiparametrics

Parametric and semiparametric inference for massively parallel models, i.e., a large number of models with common design matrix, as often occurs with brain imaging data.

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AuthorPhilip Reiss, Yin-Hsiu Chen, Lei Huang, Lan Huo, Ruixin Tan, and Rong Jiao
Date of publication2016-08-21 12:22:51
MaintainerPhilip Reiss <phil.reiss@nyumc.org>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

extract.fd: Extract curve estimates to be clustered

Fdr.rlrt: False discovery rate estimation for massively parallel...

F.mp: F-tests for massively parallel linear models

funkmeans: Functional k-means clustering for parallel smooths

funkmeans4d: Functional k-means clustering for parallel smooths for...

lm4d: Voxelwise linear models

lm.mp: Massively parallel linear regression models

nii2R: NIfTI-to-R conversion

permF.mp: Permutation F-tests for massively parallel linear models

plot.funkmeans: Plotting of k-means clustering results for massively parallel...

plot.rlrt4d: Display cross-sections of voxelwise RLRT results

plot.semipar.mp: Plot massively parallel semiparametric models

qplsc.mp: Quadratically penalized least squares with constraints

R2nii: Save data to a NIfTI file

rlrt4d: Voxelwise restricted likelihood ratio tests

rlrt.mp: Massively parallel restricted likelihood ratio tests

rlrt.mp.fit: Massively parallel restricted likelihood ratio tests...

screen.vox: Screen voxels for a voxelwise smoothing object

semipar4d: Massively parallel semiparametric regression for...

semipar.mix.mp: Massively parallel semiparametric mixed models

semipar.mp: Massively parallel semiparametric regression

sf: Defining smooth functions in semiparametric model formulae

summary.lm.mp: Summarizing massively parallel linear model fits

test: Toy data set

vows-internal: Internal functions for the vows package

vows-mgcv: Utility functions related to the mgcv package

vows-package: Voxelwise semiparametrics


extract.fd Man page
Fdr.rlrt Man page
F.mp Man page
funkmeans Man page
funkmeans4d Man page
get.ind Man page
lm4d Man page
lm.mp Man page
nii2R Man page
permF.mp Man page
plot.funkmeans Man page
plot.rlrt4d Man page
plot.semipar.mp Man page
Predict.matrix.bspline.smooth Man page
qplsc.mp Man page
R2nii Man page
rlrt4d Man page
rlrt.mp Man page
rlrt.mp.fit Man page
rlr.xz Man page
screen.vox Man page
semipar4d Man page
semipar.mix.mp Man page
semipar.mp Man page
sf Man page
smooth.construct.be.smooth.spec Man page
smooth.construct.bq.smooth.spec Man page
summary.lm.mp Man page
test Man page
vec2img Man page
vows Man page
vows-internal Man page
vows-mgcv Man page
vows-package Man page

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