Man pages for vtreat
A Statistically Sound 'data.frame' Processor/Conditioner

as_rquery_planConvert vtreatment plans into a sequence of rquery...
buildEvalSetsBuild set carve-up for out-of sample evaluation.
center_scaleCenter and scale a set of variables.
design_missingness_treatmentDesign a simple treatment plan to indicate missingingness and...
designTreatmentsCBuild all treatments for a data frame to predict a...
designTreatmentsNbuild all treatments for a data frame to predict a numeric...
designTreatmentsZDesign variable treatments with no outcome variable.
flatten_fn_listFlatten a list of functions onto d.
format.vtreatmentDisplay treatment plan.
getSplitPlanAppLabelsread application labels off a split plan.
kWayCrossValidationk-fold cross validation, a splitFunction in the sense of...
kWayStratifiedYk-fold cross validation stratified on y, a splitFunction in...
kWayStratifiedYReplacek-fold cross validation stratified with replacement on y, a...
makekWayCrossValidationGroupedByColumnBuild a k-fold cross validation splitter, respecting (never...
mkCrossFrameCExperimentRun categorical cross-frame experiment.
mkCrossFrameMExperimentFunction to build multi-outcome vtreat cross frame and...
mkCrossFrameNExperimentRun a numeric cross frame experiment.
novel_value_summaryReport new/novel appearances of character values.
oneWayHoldoutOne way holdout, a splitFunction in the sense of...
ppCoderCSolve a categorical partial pooling problem.
ppCoderNSolve a numeric partial pooling problem.
pre_comp_xvalPre-computed cross-plan (so same split happens each time).
prepareApply treatments and restrict to useful variables.
prepare.multinomial_planFunction to apply mkCrossFrameMExperiment treatemnts.
prepare.simple_planPrepare a simple treatment.
prepare.treatmentplanApply treatments and restrict to useful variables.
print.multinomial_planPrint treatmentplan.
print.simple_planPrint treatmentplan.
print.treatmentplanPrint treatmentplan.
print.vtreatmentPrint treatmentplan.
problemAppPlancheck if appPlan is a good carve-up of 1:nRows into nSplits...
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rqdatatable_prepareApply a treatment plan using rqdatatable.
rquery_prepareMaterialize a treated data frame remotely.
solveIsotoneSolve for best single-direction (non-decreasing or...
solveNonDecreasingSolve for best non-decreasing fit using isotone regression...
solveNonIncreasingSolve for best non-increasing fit.
solve_piecewiseSolve as piecewise linear problem.
spline_variableSpline numeric variable
square_windowBuild a square windows variable.
track_valuesTrack unique character values for variables.
value_variables_CValue variables for prediction a categorical outcome.
value_variables_NValue variables for prediction a numeric outcome.
variable_valuesReturn variable evaluations.
vnamesNew treated variable names from a treatmentplan$treatment...
vorigOriginal variable name from a treatmentplan$treatment item.
vtreatvtreat: A Statistically Sound 'data.frame'...
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