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Extracted data from a french population based cohort (Three-City cohort). The dataset includes followup information on dementia outcome and predicted 5-year risks based on based on the subject specific information which includes age, gender, education level and cognitive decline measured by a psychometric test (Mini Mental State Examination). The prediction model from which the predictions have been computed has been fitted on independent training data from the Paquid cohort, another french population based cohort with similar design (see Reference Blanche et al. 2015 for details) .


A subsample consisting of 2000 observations on the following 3 variables.


5-year absolute risk predictions of dementia.


0=censored, 1=dementia, 2=death dementia free


time to event (i.e., time to either dementia, death dementia free or loss of follow-up)


Web-appendix of Blanche et al. (2015).


Blanche, P., Proust-Lima, C., Loubere, L., Berr, C., Dartigues, J. F., Jacqmin-Gadda, H. (2015). Quantifying and comparing dynamic predictive accuracy of joint models for longitudinal marker and time-to-event in presence of censoring and competing risks. Biometrics, 71(1), 102-113.



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