albedo: Calculates Broadband Albedo from Landsat data


Broadband surface Albedo is estimated considering the integration of all narrowband at-surface reflectances following a weighting function with empirical coefficients (Tasumi et al., 2007).


albedo(image.SR, aoi, coeff = "Tasumi")



surface reflectance image with bands B, R, G, NIR, SWIR1, SWIR2


area of interest to crop images, if waterOptions("autoAoi") == TRUE will look for any object called aoi on .GlobalEnv


coefficient to transform narrow to broad band albedo. See Details.


There are differents models to convert narrowband data to broadband albedo. You can choose coeff="Tasumi" to use Tasumi et al (2008) coefficients, calculated for Landsat 7; coeff="Liang" to use Liang Landsat 7 coefficients or "Olmedo" to use Olmedo coefficients for Landsat 8.


Guillermo Federico Olmedo

Fonseca-Luengo, David


R. G. Allen, M. Tasumi, and R. Trezza, "Satellite-based energy balance for mapping evapotranspiration with internalized calibration (METRIC) - Model" Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, vol. 133, p. 380, 2007

M. Tasumi, Allen, R. G., and Trezza, R. 2007. "Estimation of at-surface reflection albedo from satellite for routine operational calculation of land surface energy balance". J. Hydrol. Eng.

Liang, S. (2000). Narrowband to broadband conversions of land surface albedo: I. Algorithms. Remote Sensing of Environment, 76(1), 213-238.

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