albedo: Calculates Broadband Albedo from Landsat data

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Broadband surface Albedo is estimated considering the integration of all narrowband at-surface reflectances following a weighting function with empirical coefficients (Tasumi et al., 2007).


albedo(image.SR, aoi, coeff = "Tasumi", sat = "auto")



surface reflectance image with bands B, R, G, NIR, SWIR1, SWIR2


area of interest to crop images, if waterOptions("autoAoi") == TRUE will look for any object called aoi on .GlobalEnv


coefficient to transform narrow to broad band albedo. See Details.


"L7" for Landsat 7, "L8" for Landsat 8 or "auto" to guess from filenames


There are differents models to convert narrowband data to broadband albedo. You can choose coeff="Tasumi" to use Tasumi et al (2008) coefficients, calculated for Landsat 7; coeff="Liang" to use Liang Landsat 7 coefficients or "Olmedo" to use Olmedo coefficients for Landsat 8.


Guillermo Federico Olmedo

Fonseca-Luengo, David


R. G. Allen, M. Tasumi, and R. Trezza, "Satellite-based energy balance for mapping evapotranspiration with internalized calibration (METRIC) - Model" Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, vol. 133, p. 380, 2007
M. Tasumi, Allen, R. G., and Trezza, R. 2007. "Estimation of at-surface reflection albedo from satellite for routine operational calculation of land surface energy balance". J. Hydrol. Eng.
Liang, S. (2000). Narrowband to broadband conversions of land surface albedo: I. Algorithms. Remote Sensing of Environment, 76(1), 213-238.

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