Man pages for wavelets
A package of functions for computing wavelet filters, wavelet transforms and multiresolution analyses

alignAlign Wavelet Transform Coefficients
dwtDiscrete Wavelet Transform
dwt-classDiscrete Wavelet Transform Object
dwt.forwardDiscrete Wavelet Transform and Maximal Overlap Discrete...
ecgElectrocardiogram Data
extend.seriesExtend a Time Series
figure108.wt.filterPlot Multiple DWT Wavelet or Scaling Filters
figure98.wt.filterPlot a DWT Wavelet or Scaling Filter for Specific Levels.
idwtInverse Discrete Wavelet Transform
imodwtInverse Maximal Overlap Discrete Wavelet Transform
modwtMaximal Overlap Discrete Wavelet Transform
modwt-classMaximal Overlap Discrete Wavelet Transform Object
mraMultiresolution Analysis
mra-classMultiresolution Analysis Object
nileYearly Nile River Minima
oceanVertical Ocean Sheer Measurements
plot.dwtPlot DWT Coefficients
plot.dwt.multiplePlot Multiple DWT Objects
plot.modwtPlot MODWT Coefficients
scalingshift.dwtFind Circular Shift of DWT Scaling Coefficients
squaredgain.wt.filterPlot Squared Gain Function for Wavelet Filter
stackplotStacked Plotting
subtidalSubtidal Sea Level Measurements
waveletshift.dwtFind Circular Shift of DWT Wavelet Coefficients
wt.filterWavelet Transform Filter
wt.filter-classWavelet Transform Filter Object
wt.filter.equivalentEquivalent Wavelet Transform Filter
wt.filter.qmfQuadrature Mirror Filter
wt.filter.shiftWavelet Transform Filter Phase Shift
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