Man pages for wccsom
SOM Networks for Comparing Patterns with Peak Shifts

bucketVariable averaging (bucketing) for data matrices
cephaCephalosporin data set
degelderPowder pattern data by Rene de Gelder
expandExpand a SOM network
plot.wccsomPlot wccsom object
predict.wccsomPredict properties from self-organising maps
summary.wccsomSummarizing wccsom objects
unit.distancesFunction to calculate distances between units in a SOM
wccAgreement between patterns including peak shifts
wccassignAssign patterns to nodes in a SOM network by WCC value
wccmapMap one powder pattern to a trained Kohonen map
wccsomMapping spectra with self-organising maps
wccsom-internalInternal wccsom functions
wccxyfSupervised mapping of spectra with self-organising maps
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