Man pages for wdnr.gis
Pull Spatial Layers from 'WDNR ArcGIS REST API'

check_argsHelper functions to aid in checking arguments to get_*_layer...
filter_county_polyRetrieve county polygon layer
get_fmdb_site_layerRetrieve WDNR's FMDB Site spatial layer
get_hydro_layerRetrieve WDNR's HYDRO spatial layer
get_roads_layerRetrieve WDNR's roads spatial layer
get_watershed_layerRetrieve a watershed polygon
list_funsList available sections, services, layers, and URLs in the...
list_layer_urlHelper function to re-create 'list_layers' and 'list_urls'
match_funsFind available sections, services, or layers using a regular...
match_watershed_nameMatch a watershed's name based on one or more regex
standardize_county_namesStandardize county names
wi_example_dataVarious example data and lookup tables
wi_example_polysVarious example sf polygons
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