Man pages for weaana
Analysis the Weather Data

changeWeatherRecords-methodsChange weather records
convert2RecordsConvert a data frame to weaana class
createWeaAnacreate WeaAna class
dayLengthThe time elapsed in hours between the specified sun angle...
diurnalTCalculate the diurnal variation in air temperature with...
getterGetter to access the weather data at a specific position.
getWeatherRecords-methodsGet all weather records by year range
interpolationFunctionReturn a y value from a linear interpolation function
readWeatherRecordsRead weather records from a file list and/or a folder list
recordsDemo weather records
result-classDefine the class for statistics results
show-WeaAna-methodShow basic information of class WeaAna
siteInfor-methodsGet site information
sphericalDistanceCalculate the sphere distance
thermalTimeCalculate thermal time using cardinal temperatures
thermalTimeDailyCalculate thermal time using cardinal temperatures
thermalTimeHourlyCalculate thermal time using the hourly temperature (non...
ttest_tsSignificantly t-test with auto-correlation for time serial...
WeaAna-classDefine the class for multiple sites
WeaAnaSite-classDefine the class of WeaAna
writeWeatherRecords-methodsWrite weather records into file
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