Man pages for wearables
Tools to Read and Convert Wearables Data

add_chunk_groupAddition of chunk groups
aggregate_e4_dataAggregate E4 data into 1min timesteps
as_timeseriesConvert an E4 data stream to a timeseries
batch_analysisBatch analysis
binary_classifier_configConfiguration of the SVM algorithm for binary classification
calculate_RMSSDRMSSD calculation
char_clock_systimeForce character datetime variable ("yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss") to...
choose_between_classesChoice between two classes
compute_amplitude_featuresAmplitude features
compute_derivative_featuresDerivative features
compute_features2Features computation
compute_wavelet_coefficientsWavelet coefficients
compute_wavelet_decompositionWavelet decomposition
create_e4_output_folderOutput folder
e4_filecut_intervalsFilter datasets for a Datetime start + end
filter_createdir_zipFunction to filter the data object based on the time period...
filter_e4data_datetimeFilter all four datasets for a Datetime start + end
find_peaksFunction to find peaks of an EDA datafile
get_ampPeak amplitude
get_apexGet the eda apex of the signal
get_decay_timeDecay time
get_derivativeFirst derivative
get_eda_derivElectrodermal activity signal derivative
get_half_ampHalf peak amp
get_half_riseHalf rise time
get_i_apex_with_decayDecaying peaks
get_kernelSVM kernel
get_max_derivMaximum derivative
get_peak_endPeak end
get_peak_end_timesPeak end times
get_peak_startStart of peaks
get_peak_start_timesPeak start times
get_rise_timeRise time of peaks
get_SCR_widthPeak width
get_second_derivativeSecond derivative
ibi_analysisIBI analysis
max_per_nMax value per segment of length n
multiclass_classifier_configConfiguration of the SVM algorithm for ternary classification
plot_artifactsArtifact plots
predict_binary_classifierBinary classifiers
predict_multiclass_classifierTernary classifiers
print.e4dataShow class of object
process_edaProcess EDA data
rbind_e4Row-bind E4 datasets
read_and_process_e4Read, process and feature extraction of E4 data
read_e4Read E4 data
remove_small_peaksSmall peaks removal
upsample_data_to_8HzUpsample EDA data to 8 Hz
write_processed_e4Write CSV files of the output
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