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Functions to Convert Between Weather Metrics

angelesWeather in Los Angeles, CA
beijingWeather in Beijing, China
breckPrecipitation in Breckenridge, CO from Celsius to Fahrenheit. from Celsius to Kelvin.
convert_precipConvert between precipitation metrics
convert_temperatureConvert from one temperature metric to another
convert_wind_speedConvert between wind speed metrics relative humidity. from Fahrenheit to Celsius. from Fahrenheit to Kelvin.
focoWeather in Fort Collins, CO
heat.indexCalculate heat index.
heat.index.algorithmAlgorithm for heat.index function. dew point temperature.
inches_to_metricConvert from inches to standard metric units of measure for... from Kelvin to Celsius. from Kelvin to Fahrenheit.
knots_to_speedConvert from knots to standard units of wind speed
lovelandPrecipitation in Loveland, CO
lyonWeather in Lyon, France
metric_to_inchesConvert between standard metric units of measure for...
newhavenWeather in New Haven, CT
norfolkWeather in Norfolk, VA
puravidaWeather in San Jose, Costa Rica
speed_to_knotsConvert between standard units of measure for wind speed
suffolkWeather in Suffolk, VA
weathermetricsweathermetrics: Functions to convert between weather metrics
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