Man pages for webmorphR
Reproducible Stimuli

add_infoAdd Information
alignAlign templates and images
animateCreate an animated gif from a list of stimuli
as_ggplotConvert stimuli to a ggplot
as_stimlistConvert list to stimlist
average_temAverage templates
avgAverage Images
blankMake blank images
boundsGet template bounds
centroidGet center coordinates
change_linesChange template lines
col2labColor to Lab Conversion
color_convConvert colors
compareImage Comparison
continuumMorph between two images
convert_temConvert templates
cropCrop images and templates
crop_temCrop to template boundaries and pad
c.stimCombine stim
c.stimlistCombine stimlists
delinManually delineate images
demo_stimDemo Stimuli
draw_temDraw template
featuresFeature Points
format_sizeFormat file size
get_imgsGet Images into List
get_infoGet Information
get_pointGet Point Coordinates
gglabelLabel with ggplot annotations
greyscaleMake images greyscale
heightImage heights
horiz_eyesMake eyes horizontal
image_funcApply a magick function to each image
image_func_typesPossible functions
lab2rgbLab to RGB Conversion
labelLabel images
list_to_tblList format to table format
maskMask Images with templates
mask_ovalApply an oval mask to images
messageWebmorphR Message
metricsImage shape metrics
mirrorMirror templates and images
mlabelLabel with magick annotations
new_stimMake a new stim
new_stimlistMake a new stimlist
ORPiped OR
padPad images
patchPatch colour
plot_rowsPlot in rows
plot_stimPlot stimuli
plot.stimPlot stim
plot.stimlistPlot stimuli
print.stimPrint stim
print.stimlistPrint stimlist
procrustes_coordsProcrustes align templates
read_imgRead image file
readline_checkCheck readline input
read_stimRead stimuli
read_temRead tem file
remove_temRemove templates
rename_stimSet stimulus names in a stimlist
rep.stimRepeat stim in a list
rep.stimlistRepeat stim in a list
require_temsRequire templates
resizeResize stimuli
rotateRotate templates and images
rotated_sizeImage size after rotation
same_temsCheck All Templates are the Same
social_media_sizeSocial Media Image Sizes
squash_temSquash Template Points
subset.stimlistSubset Stimulus Lists
subset_temSubset template points
sub-.stimlistExtract stimlist elements
sub-subset-.stimlistReplace stimlist element
svgBezierConstruct Bezier Curves from Template Points
svgControlPointsGet Control Points
svgCubicToSVG Path Quadratic Curve
svgLineToSVG Path Line
svgMoveToSVG Path Move
svgQuadraticToSVG Path Quadratic Curve
symmetrizeSymmetrize Images
tem_defGet template definition
tems_to_arrayConvert stimuli to array for geomorph
tem_textMake text version of a template
to_sizeResize and crop/pad images to a specified size
transTransform Images
unique_namesGet unique names
viz_tem_defVisualise a template definition
webmorphRwebmorphR: Reproducible Face Stimuli
webmorph_upCheck if is available
widthImage widths
wm_optsSet/get global webmorph options
wm_opts_defaultsWebmorphR default options
write_stimWrite images and templates to files
write_tpsCreate a TPS file from a stimlist
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