parse_multipart: Parse a multipart/form-data request

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Parse a multipart/form-data request


Parse a multipart/form-data request, which is usually generated from a HTML form submission. The parameters can include both text values as well as binary files. They can be distinguished from the presence of a filename attribute.


parse_multipart(body, boundary)



body of the HTTP request. Must be raw or character vector.


boundary string as specified in the Content-Type request header.


A multipart/form-data request consists of a single body which contains one or more values plus meta-data, separated using a boundary string. This boundary string is chosen by the client (e.g. the browser) and specified in the Content-Type header of the HTTP request. There is no escaping; it is up to the client to choose a boundary string that does not appear in one of the values.

The parser is written in pure R, but still pretty fast because it uses the regex engine.


## Not run: example form

## End(Not run)

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